zkSync daily transactions exceeded 1 million.
Transaction per second also came out on top, with the testnet seeing more contract implementation.

Of the Layer 2 (L2) solutions, zkSync Era has proven its mettle. Recent statistics showed an impressive number of transactions and contracts on the platform. However, behind this bustling activity, there is a motivation that drives most users to relentlessly transact on the network. The zkSync Era team has kept this reason under wraps for now, sparking more curiosity about what’s to come.

zkSync transactions up a notch

In a recent post, zkSync Era shared a remarkable increase in daily transactions within its network. As of July 23, there were more than 1 million daily transactions, demonstrating the popularity of the platform. Even more impressive was the network’s remarkable transaction per second (TPS). It surpassed all others, including Ethereum, with a TPS of over 12.

Digging further into the data presented by L2 Beats, it became clear that zkSync Era had seen volume over the past 30 days. At the time of writing, more than 25 million transactions have taken place on the platform. In addition, the data from the explorer showed that the network had processed more than 69 million transactions.

zkSync Era users press for airdrop

As fascinating as zkSync Era’s stats may be, it’s intriguing to see that not all users share the same enthusiasm. A major bone of contention that emerged from the comments was the network’s absence of airdrops. Since the beginning, users have eagerly awaited the opportunity to receive a rewarding airdrop, but unfortunately their hopes have yet to be fulfilled, leaving a sense of disappointment in the air.

This sentiment was further fueled by Arbitrum’s recent airdrop launch, which only accentuated the disparity. The comparison between the two networks’ approach to airdrops only reinforced users’ desire for a similar gesture from zkSync Era.

Disturbing murmurs arose among some users, suggesting that if an airdrop were not announced soon, it could affect overall transaction activity, triggering a potential drop similar to the observed drop in Total Value Locked. This concern was a testament to users’ interest in value-added incentives such as airdrops as they contribute to engagement and activity within the network.

Current TVL trend

According to data from L2 Beats, the Total Value Locked (TVL) of zkSync Era was approximately $473 million. However, a remarkable observation of the L2 Beats chart indicated a recent decline in the TVL. In the past 24 hours, the TVL is down more than 18%, indicating a shift in the network’s financial activity.

Source: L2 Beats

In the midst of this decline, zkSync Era also witnessed positive developments during the same period. a recent post revealed that the number of contracts deployed on the zkSync testnet has surpassed an astonishing 2500 in the past week. This increase in adoption represents a staggering increase of over 2,500%, demonstrating the growing adoption and use of the platform.

Looking ahead, the zkSync Era team’s intentions regarding an airdrop will likely come to light in the coming weeks or months. This decision will undoubtedly have a significant impact on key network metrics and user sentiment.

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