zkSync remained the best roll-up in terms of daily active addresses and transactions.
zkEVM has flipped StarkNet in terms of total value locked.

ZkSync era recently announced the launch of its new LIBERTAS OMNIBUS, a new NFT project on the network. The launch caused excitement in the community, which also made the rollup trend on Twitter. Soon after launch, the roll-up quickly marked another achievement in network activity. At the same time, zkSync continued to increase its adoption and usage, as evidenced by the latest data. As zkSync Era continued to rise, its competitors love it zkEVM And StarkNet also showed growth.

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The ZkSync Era ecosystem is growing fast!

ZkSync Era mentioned the latest developments in the ecosystem and launched LIBERTAS OMNIBUS. It is an experimental NFT project on zkSync to try out new NFT standards, network superpowers, new protocol features, prototype collections with surprise creators and just plain.

In the early stages of this experiment, zkSync shared some good stuff with 10,000 randomly selected anons from this group. In the official tweet, zkSync thanked the 179,365 active community members who started NFTs zkSync in the 113 days since Mainnet.

Shortly after launch, roll-up reached a new high. zkSync fans, a popular Twitter handle that talks about the development of the ecosystem, revealed that the transactions per second of the roll-ups hit a new all-time high. Not only that, zkSync’s total transactions over the past month also leads the L2 projects.

In addition, according to OkayAt the time of writing, zkSync’s total transactions reached 52.8 million, while the total number of addresses exceeded 3 million. In addition, there was also growth in the network value of the roll-ups. Artemis’ data indicated that zkSync’s TVL gained upward momentum. At the time of writing, the value was over $193 million.

Source: Artemis

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How are others doing against zkSync?

Not just zkSync, but Artemis’ facts also revealed that two of the roll-up’s biggest competitors, zkEVM and Staknet, also saw growth in recent weeks. For example, Polygon’s zkEVM managed to overtake StarkNet in terms of TVL May 25, 2023 and the chart has remained high ever since. Interestingly, in one case, Staknet flipped zkSync through daily active addresses and transactions.

However, the trend did not last long, as zkSync was quick to take back its position as market leader. While performances from all three roll-ups were promising, zkEVM and Skartnet have a long way to go to remove zkSync from the top spot.

Source: Artemis

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