As the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit nears its climax, market sentiments have turned more positive, which in turn is affecting the price of XRP. Therefore, a notable rally can be expected in the coming days as the short and long term fractals show a fast approaching breakout to the upside.

Short Term Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

Ripple has been showing immense strength since it rallied in the last days of September. Since then, the price has risen, forming consistent highs and lows. Currently, prices are closer to a major breakout which may push the price close to $0.7 in the coming week.

The price of XRP underwent a strong correction due to the IPC that resulted in a downward move towards $0.45. This area featured high potential to place the long bet which seems to have been done well as progressive entries at $0.48, with a target of $0.65. The final kick may be when the price of XRP rises beyond $0.52, beyond which a continuation of an uptrend can be expected.

Long Term Ripple (XRP) Price Analysis

Meanwhile, the daily chart shows the potential for XRP price to rise in the coming days as the asset appears to have held above support. Furthermore, the price is also showing immense support with the BTC trading pair. Therefore, this may also affect the momentum of the USDT pair, which could find some bullish momentum to rise.

While XRP price is trading inside a short-term ascending triangle, the asset is trading inside a long-term bull flag. As the platform received ample liquidity, the bullish momentum may continue to prevail, allowing the price to rebound from the current lows and break above resistance, breaking through the resistance to reach the initial target objective of $0.6.

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