As the foundations for a significant rally emerged, the markets appear to have stalled at some crucial levels. However, Bitcoin prices appear to be hovering around $23,000, which shows great chances of breaking through the levels soon. Furthermore, the XRP price appears to be instilling independent price action as trends await the bullish momentum that may be triggered by the outcome of the Ripple vs SEC case.

A popular analyst, anonymously named Dark Defender, lists the possible outcomes of the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit and its impact on the XRP price.

The analyst here provides the levels that the XRP price can reach under any of the circumstances, but also believes that the price can recover quickly in the event of a bearish divergence. While the lows of $0.22 are also supposed to offer a solid footing for the token to begin with, a firm rally where the bulls can load their bags before the failure gets ahead.

Also, in the short term, the analyst believes that the XRP price can defend the support and rise quite a bit to reach $0.54 in February and above $1.13 in March.

Taken together, the XRP price appears to be on the verge of a massive explosion and may rise significantly in the coming days, regardless of the Bitcoin price rally.

This post XRP price may hit $0.54 in the next month and end Q1 2023 trade above $1!

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