People in the global crypto market are anxious about how the week will unfold. As major ads remain in opposition from the industry. Meanwhile, the XRP army has anxiety surrounding XRP’s price action. A number of indicators hint at the call of the bears. Which could open up a possible drop in the price of XRP above 20%.


Investors and traders, however, are eyeing the possibility that the lawsuit will grant interim relief. In addition to the fundamental features and initiatives of the network. Which collectively could help the price path recover from its bearish projection.

Will these fundamentals help XRP price refute bearish signals?

XRP price fears its first encounter with the bear week of 2022. Which could prevail, for justifiable reasons, such as a large Ripple escrow balance. XRP price is consolidating inside the descending triangle from its 2021 highs. And its price is correlated with social dominance.

However, investors and traders are taking into account the possibility that the lawsuit will grant interim relief. Along with the fundamental features and initiatives of the network. The optimistic hopes are undeniable, since Santimento In a recent post, it is warned that XRP along with Bitcoin and Binance coins are showing signs that traders are expecting price increases.

Going forward, we can expect a noticeable rise in XRP price if major rulings in Ripple’s favor prevail. We have previously seen XRP post double-digit gains following the recent court ruling. On the contrary, the prohibition of any extension resource to respond to the motion to annul the supplementary report. The SEC’s objection expires on March 16, 2022.

The network has notable strengths in its core features and initiative. Which could help drive the price of XRP to higher cliffs. Like the strength of the protocol with CBDC and cross-border payments. In contrast, Ripple’s announcement of the addition of 4,000 creators to its NFT platform with its creator fund of more than $250 million. Both have fueled optimism in the community.

In short, while netizens are optimistic about XRP restarting a rally like the one in 2017. Due to the evolution of demand in favor of the defendants. And executive order revolving around CBDC and cross-border payments. We can expect a noticeable drop in that degree, in the short term. As major events in demand are far out of reach.

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