It is now fair to say that the crypto participants are used to a volatile market. Along with crypto tokens, even lawsuits continue to see new developments on a weekly basis. In this case, the perpetual lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple – the Daubert Challenge Edition.

Herein, the SEC has submitted his request to seal a file related to the Daubert Challenge. This move follows the testimony of an expert SEC witness – Patrick B. Doody – who reported what information “reasonable” XRP holders relied on when purchasing the token.

Exposing the ‘unexposed’

Needless to say, as the circle goes, Defendant complained about most of the changes proposed by the SEC. Ripple and other defendants opposed the plaintiff’s request to impose an “unprecedented level of secrecy on this proceeding by sealing all identifying information in the Daubert motions related to his five expert witnesses offered.”

Attorney James Filan marked this development in a tweet dated July 26.

The blockchain company found SEC’s latest request to be the opposite of closely tailored. In this regard, the submission related to the Daubert Challenge elaborated,

“They would completely hide from the public the identities, educational background, employment history, publications and professional affiliations of all experts offered by the SEC, despite such information being central to the resolution of the parties’ Dauber motions, and despite some of the that information is already public.”

The SEC did not mention a case. In fact, “Defendants are unaware of any where a court has sealed the identity and qualifications of an expert witness in the context of deciding a Daubert motion,” the filing said. Ergo, the court must decline the invitation to become the first.

In addition, Ripple executives claimed that aside from the plaintiff’s speculations, the available evidence suggested that disclosing the identities of the experts would not have the aforementioned effect.

Instead, the SEC’s justification for the request objected to three of Judge Netburn’s orders in a single letter, Ripple argued.

Objection, Your Honor

Just as XRP enthusiasts praised this lawsuit, the plaintiff was indeed quick to acknowledge and respond. The SEC has filed an objection to the Ripple defendants’ motion to seal over the expert challenges.

Defendant has requested that five categories of information filed in connection with the parties’ requests be sealed.

This included Ripple’s financial data and the terms of certain contracts between Ripple and third parties. Also identities of non-parties, former Ripple employees and certain personally identifiable information.

The SEC does not oppose sealing the third, fourth and fifth categories, but “with respect to the first two categories, defendants cannot overcome the substantial presumption of public access,” according to the filing related to the Daubert challenge.

You may be wondering: How did the public react? Well, annoyed and annoyed by SEC’s relentless comebacks. But another attorney, Jeremy Hogan, supported one of the defendant’s key representatives.

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