The world of digital assets is poised to embrace positive business changes and events. While the company’s board crypto assets have been showing positive candles. Which has brought a glimmer of hope among the people of the crypto city. The seventh largest cryptocurrency in the space, Solana, has re-entered the business talk.

This time, the digital asset is in talks after the Solana team presented its Solana Pay payment platform. Which has captured the interest of the Solana community and business insiders. On the other hand, greener price movements are accompanied by the victorious fundraising event of Phantom, the network’s native wallet.

Will Solana’s increasing usefulness help her regain sixth place?

The Solana team has presented its payment platform Solana Payment for digital commerce. Which is a decentralized, secure, open source platform for the next generation of merchant payments. Solana Pay is developed in a collaborative effort between Solana Labs, Circle,, Citcon. And wallet integrations are supported by Phantom, FTX, and Slope.

Solana Pay makes it easy to accept digital assets like USDC and any other Solana SPL tokens, for a fraction of the costs, excluding brokers. The application allows merchants to generate transaction requests with appropriate metadata. Users can approve this transaction using their web wallets or by scanning a custom generated QR code.

Additionally, accepting USDC and other digital assets gives traders access to the benefits of the Solana ecosystem. Such as instant settlement, Defi yield opportunities, zero payout fraud liability, and customer relationship ownership.

Also, the constant drop in prices has been driven by Phantom, which is the native Solana wallet. Phantom has concluded its victorious fundraising event. The team had previously brought to light its $109 million Series B funding round, which was led by Paradigm. The Solana barn projects have been scaling at an accelerating rate. Successively, Coinbase has Announced accepts incoming transfers from Orca (Orca) and Bonfida (FIDA).

In short, Solana climbing on several fronts despite her brakes is a laudable feat. The latest network entrant, Solana Pay, along with its proud projects has been instilling confidence among users about network congestion. Once out, development work revolving around network congestion would be a turntable for the network.

This post Will this be Solana’s trump card to counter her limitations? Is SOL price poised to hit $250 this quarter?

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