The ever-curious crypto people who can’t resist the future prospects of the coin market. They’ve put their radar on Polygon, which has been on a constant uphill trek. With its growing utility count, developments, initiatives, and metrics. This time, Polygon is the talk of the town with talks revolving around Hermez 2.0 and zk-Rollups.

Successively, Polygon’s Hermez 2.0 has been looking at the interests of the fraternity that has been mulling over zk-Rollups. And the scalability of the network, which has been the fundamental factor for development initiatives. Meanwhile, the expansion of the network has been compounding the innings for its future price bull run.

Will zk-EVM be the springboard for Polygon’s Top-10 dream?

Hermez 2.0 (zk-EVM) from Polygon Network, which is expected to be released on the testnet in Q2 and on the mainnet in Q3. It still remains in the mist for most investors, while techies have been keeping track. A couple of months ago, the Hermez team had lowered the curtains on zk-EVM, which is the Hermez 2.0.

Successively, Hermes 2.0 aims to resolve the limitations related to zk-roll-ups, such as the difficulty in supporting smart contracts. The Polygon Hermez team has been working on the zk implementation and has been developing a new consensus mechanism for the decentralized L2 protocol. The team has been considering the Proof of Efficiency over the existing Proof of Donation.

The new protocol aims to cover requirements such as producing L2 batches, enhancing efficiency. Avoid single-party control, protection against malicious attacks, and proportional full validation effort across the network.

The Proof of Efficiency (PoE) model is the batch creation protocol that consists of a 2-step model, which divides the activities between different parties. The two steps include “sequencers” and “aggregators”.

As mentioned, the PoE consensus mechanism solves some of the challenges of permissionless and decentralized validators for zk-rollups. Additionally, the 2-step model adheres to the requirements while addressing the constraints and empowering the network.

Does Polígono continue to increase its strengths?

The Polygon team has been organizing a number of initiatives, a recent one coming as the Polygon Academy. Which is a free online school to help Web 2.0 developers transition to Web 3.0.

On the other hand, the metrics have been climbing at a steady pace. Uniswap Polygon TVL has gone parabolic, which has doubled since the previous week.

In succession, Polygon Studios has been moving towards NFTs, which has been a welcome move for creators, investors, and insiders.

In contrast, Polygon’s PoS Bridge has been the fourth most used dApp on Ethereum for the past month. The aforementioned strengths add to the many adoptions of the network.

In short, Polygon with its developments around scale, growing utility, and metrics would continue to attract the interest of institutional investors and retailers.

With the current position, Polygon could possibly receive more investments like that from Sequoia Capital. As he runs higher to the summit.

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