The Binance Coin [BNB] chain revealed that his efforts to stabilize his ecosystem have yielded positive results. In its weekly report, BNBChain noted that the experiences on the network had been nothing short of encouraging.

According to its October 15 tweet, BNB had mounted a decentralization response to curb events such as the October 6 exploitation.

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Declining states, stagnant interests

In a new turn of events, traders have: re-ignited their interest in the currency. According to data from Coinglass, the funding rates of BNB traders via USDT and BUSD were all in the green. In fact, only a few party exchanges showed less interest in trading the coin.

However, BNB had not revived the lost confidence of investors. This was due to the trend showing the market value to realized value (MVRV) ratio. Based on the MVRV trend, investors were not lining up to make more profits. This was revealed by an analytical platform on the chain, Holiness.

At the time of writing, the MVRV was 0.459 %. Even on the exploit day, the ratio was 4.449%, indicating that the hack was not enough to disrupt the BNB ecosystem. The current rate therefore meant that BNB’s realized value was worth more than its market value. Therefore, BNB holders may run the risk of the asset losing more of its value.

In addition, the MVRV was the only on-chain metric affected. According to Santiment, major investor interest in the currency has been turning negative recently. The whale landing rate showed it was 41.94%, a drop since early October.

Source: Santiment

Should you rely less on BNB?

According to the futures market update, BNB investors may need to lower their belief in a sustained rebound. According to Coinglass, BNB traders who recently craved the coin have the wrath from the market.

At the time of going to press, BNB’s long liquidations in the early hours of October 16 were $106,230. This was a lot compared to the liquidation of shorts, which was a minimum of $15,590.

However, the press time data indicated that BNB may not be in for a rebound, especially as the past two days showed more prolonged liquidations.

Source: Coinglass

With BNB having lost 22% of its volume in the last 24 hours, investors may need to stop buying a bottom that could fall further. Still, there was no doubt that market momentum could change at any time.

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