Crypto weekends are pretty scary nowadays as they usually end on a big bearish note. To be sure, the current trend is quite consolidated rather than bearish. However, a minor drag followed by a recovery could prevail. However, in the coming days, the price of ETH may continue a noticeable downtrend, but it could still trade strongly above $2,500. But what levels can the asset reach if it starts a strong rebound? Let’s see!

Ethereum price appears to have started a small recovery from the lows as an asset after consolidating around $2,300, flipped and ranged above $2,500. In the midst of the uptrend surrounding the short-term trend, the possibility of the price repeating the previous trend is high. If it replicates the same trend, the price of ETH may drop again after a remarkable recovery.

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After a bearish break of the downtrend, the price fell sharply but remained above the strong support at $2500. The RSI on the STF has drifted south which means a drop in price. While on the HTF, the RSi is poised to make a big bullish divergence. Despite the sales volume that remains high in the short term, the volume remains quite low. And therefore, only a noticeable influx of buying volume can reverse the trend with minimal effort.

Interestingly, in the long term, the MACD is about to release a big buy signal as the buying volume starts to build up. In such a scenario, if the previous trending ETH price turns around after a reasonable recovery, then it may land hitting lower support with the next leg down. And here, if the buyers jump in with high liquidity, a strong reversal can be expected, otherwise the bears can continue to hover over the asset.

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