W3E, the Web3 esports organizer that hosted the world’s first live Web3 esports tournament at Istanbul Blockchain Week 2022, recently announced a series of three tournaments, W3E Creator Championships, W3E Company Clash, and W3E Premier League, to keep the excitement around Web3 esports. All three tournaments will take place in the futuristic arena of EV.IO, a first-person shooter on Solana.

On February 23, 2023, the W3E Creator Championships will bring together some of the most well-known Web3 personalities and content creators including BoredElon, CryptoStache, and Cagyjan. A day later, eight Web3 companies, including the Ultra, Arcade, and XBorg teams, will battle it out in W3E Company Clash.

Starting March 9, 16 esports teams will battle it out in the W3E Premier League, a 15-week tournament to qualify on a points-based tournament system.

After the rise and fall of play-to-win games, many Web3 studios focused on developing competitive games, with the goal of attracting more hardcore gamers to Web3. EV.IO has become a flagship title in Web3 esports games, developing an ever-growing audience with its intense and exciting battles.

Damian Bartlett, Team Lead at W3E, said:

“Esports has always been about pushing the limits and rewarding the best players. Web3 is the natural progression for competitive gaming and as more titles are released we will see a larger audience experience these games. The technology will allow the audience to be closer than ever to their favorite players.”

Competitive Web2 games like League of Legends and PUBG gather millions of fans around the world, offer huge prize pools to attract the best players, and develop a whole new business model around gaming. Meanwhile, Web3-based games like Axie Infinity ushered in a new era of gaming.

More than $4 billion dollars were invested in Web3 games in 2022, according to the Metaverse Post report. With an audience of 530 million and impressive sponsorships from Coca-Cola and Red Bull to Audi and T-Mobile, esports could become the way to bring new users to Web3.

While the Web3 esports scene is still young, the passion surrounding it is undeniable. Kyle Laffey, director of partnerships for Theta Labs, commented:

“We are very excited to host the W3E tournament broadcasts on our network. The enthusiasm and engagement for the W3E Championships event during Istanbul Blockchain Week was unprecedented and we are excited to come together and shape the future of Web3 esports.”

With Web3 games still looking to find a large audience and fit into the market, competitive gaming and esports could be the right industry to bring players into Web3. Esports can be a perfect way to attract new players to this fast-growing ecosystem by offering fast-paced family-friendly gameplay, intense competition, and unique monetization models.

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