Twitter has had the “Tip Jar” feature for a while now and it’s been smooth sailing so far. Bitcoin had been the only cryptocurrency option to report on the feature, but that is now changing. This week, Twitter introduced a new payment method for its Tip Jar feature, ethereum. This will allow users to tip their favorite content creators in more than one cryptocurrency.

Twitter Adds Ethereum

Twitter has added Ethereum payments to its “Tip Jar” service. The feature that allows users to “tip” content creators on the app was launched late last year and now appears on the profiles of millions of Twitter accounts. It originally included some well-known payment methods like Venmo and also GoFundMe. Bitcoin, a longtime favorite of former CEO Jack Dorsey, was the only crypto to make the list.

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On Wednesday, the social media platform announced that it would be adding more payment options to the feature. This included Flutterwave’s Barter app, Pay, Paytm, and the option to add an Ethereum address to receive app tips.

The latest addition is part of Twitter’s move to expand payment options for features. “We continue to expand the ways to get paid on Twitter, including more options for creators and fans who want to use crypto,” Twitter creator monetization senior product manager Johnny Winston told CoinDesk in a statement.

Although users can add Ethereum addresses to their profile, the social media giant revealed that Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain names are not supported. However, users can tip their favorite accounts with ERC-20 tokens along with ETH.

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Twitter also recently added a new feature for paid “Twitter Blue” subscribers. It would allow users to authenticate non-fungible tokens (non-fungible tokens) in the app. It also allows users to add NFTs as profile pictures.

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This feature is currently only available on iOS devices. Android support is expected to arrive at some point, but there is no definite timeline for when Android users will get this feature.

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