Another night, another mint. Today’s briefing features more talk about SXSW, a new esports star signing on to a major NFT market, and much more.

Let’s dive.

the night mint

Latest Mint: NFTs on Instagram

Yesterday’s Mint opened the door to the flood of NFT and crypto-related activations, panels, and content that was present in Austin, Texas during the annual SXSW media and culture festival.

Feel free to double down for another dose on Tuesday, as Mark Zuckerberg stated at the festival that Instagram is “working to bring NFT to Instagram in the short term,” according to an early report from Engadget. Without skimping on many details, Zuckerberg added that the platform is looking at “over the next couple of months, the ability to incorporate some of its NFTs, hopefully, over time, it’ll be able to mint things within that environment.”

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Polygon (MATIC) has been powering gaming and NFTs, and is now the backbone of content creator DrDisrespect’s latest gaming effort. | Source: MATIC-USD on

quick hits

A few other stories made headlines today, so let’s pull out some of the quick hits:

AmEx: Major credit card and financial services firm American Express has filed trademark applications for Web 3 applications, including NFT-backed services and crypto services. Pat Mahomes: In sports, Dapper Lab’s NFL All Day product has signed star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Dapper’s adjacent NBA product Top Shot has taken a similar approach to talent, working with the likes of Kevin Durant. DrDisrespect: In the gaming world, former Twitch celebrity, now YouTube streamer DrDisrespect announced today that he is working on an NFT-based game, developed at Polygon.

The take ‘Minty Fresh’

An IRL airdrop combined with a good cause? Now that is a refreshing take.

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