For many, Web 3.0 can be intimidating to get into. G-Link makes blockchain mobile gaming accessible and takes gamers from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 through fun F2P P2E gaming.

Rising Potential for P2E Gaming

Once a golden investment opportunity, the traditional gaming industry has slowed down and become overcrowded. Meanwhile, blockchain gaming is a nascent industry with exponential growth potential. Gaming-related NFT revenue was $4.8 billion in 2021, or around 20% of total NFT sales. In the same period, venture capital firms invested more than US$4 billion in blockchain games to capture market share from traditional games, which are projected to be worth US$268 billion. Americans by 2025.

Accessible gateway to Web 3.0 gaming

Designed to be beginner-friendly, G-Link’s mobile blockchain gaming platform will enable gamers, game developers and investors to interact directly and together create a better Web 3.0 gaming community that pushes the boundaries of traditional gaming. Newcomers don’t need Web 3.0 knowledge and just need to sign up for a simple Web 2.0-like account, making it easy to get started on Web 3.0 and access any game on G-Link’s platform.

To start with, G-Link will release 4 casual to mid-core mobile P2E games in 2022: Kartopia, a racing game; Card Master, a strategic collectible card game; SPE Colony, a kingdom-building simulation game; Coin Fishing Frenzy, an arcade-style fishing game. At the same time, G-Link is in talks with more than 10 developers to incorporate and publish more varieties of games on the platform. With ever-expanding gameplay where mobile gamers will be spoiled for choice, the G-Link platform is designed to enable exploration of new games to enjoy.

Activities on the G-Link platform are supported by the GLINK token, which works as a layer 2 solution to overcome poor performance and high gas fees. By interfacing with the ETH and BSC blockchains, GLINK tokens allow the blockchain game mechanics to improve on the level of traditional games, in terms of interactivity and fun.

GLINK tokens also provide liquidity to the platform to support cross-game interoperable asset trading. Through the GSwap feature, players can exchange in-game currencies and conduct secure transactions with others. Essentially, GSwap means that players are free to jump between games whenever they want, and still keep their earnings and effort.

To empower smaller game developers to create the blockchain game of their dreams, the G-Link platform includes a GameFi incubator that provides funds from community crowdfunding and G-Link’s own allocated funds to fuel innovation. Through the incubator, gamers can directly participate in creating the games they want to play, while investors can immediately back various projects with the assurance that the investments are used as intended.

Chief Toad NFT: VIP benefits on the G-Link platform

G-Link’s NFT genesis collection, Chief Toad, will allow owners to have VIP privileges on the gameverse platform. As a premier GameFi NFT utility, Chief Toad’s benefits include the ability to create guilds in the game universe, enjoy early access to beta games and virtual land sales, and increased in-game earnings.

The Chief Toad NFT collection will be minted from July 5 to 7, 2022. The total supply is 10,000 and the price will be 0.08 to 0.1 ETH.

Check mint details via official website:

GONE for GLINK token

G-Link will hold the Initial Dex Offering (IDO) of its GLINK platform token in August 2022. The GLINK token uses the ERC-20 standard and the supply totals 1 billion tokens.

Every transaction on the G-Link platform will be enabled by GLINK tokens:

GSwap: Seamlessly trade between in-game currencies Provide an initial investment to support your dream game DAO voting rights Participation in the liquidity pool Purchase of in-game assets, NFTs and virtual lands

Chief Toad NFT holders can enjoy additional benefits before the IDO, namely a higher airdrop rate and a guaranteed pre-sale whitelist.

For updates and announcements on GLINK IDO:

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