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Tether CTO Paolo Ardoino has confirmed that the Tether website tether.io is suffering from a DDOS attack. The number of requests for the website increased from 2,000 to 8,000,000 every five minutes early on Saturday morning, June 18. The following graph shows the increase in requests.

Source: Twitter

Ardoino confirmed that “the attack is now mitigated,” but they are “leaving ‘I’m under attack’ mode enabled” to mitigate further risk. According to the Tether CTO, the additional security move “will not affect the ability to redeem,” according to the Tether CTO.

low attack mode

“I’m in attack mode” is a feature of Cloudflare’s DNS management service that protects websites from DDOS attacks by requiring users to complete an additional step to access the website. For human users viewing the website through a standard web browser, this results in a delay of a few seconds while the browser completes a javascript challenge.

If the browser is unable to complete the challenge, the user may need to complete a captcha to access the website. However, DDOS attacks are often carried out using remote servers that make requests to the website from outside of a browser.

These methods will fail the challenge request and thus will be kicked out before even reaching the server. Here, Cloudflare handles all the excess demand leaving the website free to perform tasks as usual. Ardoino also confirmed that the reason for the problem was that “autoscaling takes a while to adjust.” In this, he is referring to the ability of the server behind the website to scale up resources to cope with the unexpected increase in demand.

Earlier on Saturday, Paolo tweeted: “It’s going to be a long weekend,” but it’s unlikely he expected it to be due to an attack on the Tether website.

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