Emeris, Tendermint’s cross-chain crypto app store, announced that it will launch a new product that will revolutionize airdrops.

Called Airdrops Tracker, the product will act as a one-stop shop for airdrops, allowing users to view and claim airdrops across all supported chains.

Emeris taps into the airdropped vas market with a new tracker

Emeris unveiled the product on Thursday, but did not reveal any further details about its release date.

The news about a comprehensive dashboard to track assets and airdrops has made huge strides in the Cosmos ecosystem, and the community celebrates Emeris’ efforts.

Cosmos and its broader ecosystem have seen significant growth in recent months, both in terms of the number of users and overall network usage. To further incentivize network usage, many Cosmos-based networks launched airdrops and distributed valuable rewards to users. However, users found it difficult to keep track of the distribution process, with many claiming that rewards were missed due to lack of information.

Emeris aimed to solve this problem with an all-in-one dashboard that would allow users to navigate the growing airdrop market.

The platform will allow users to view all their airdrops on all supported networks in a simplified and comprehensive way. On the dashboard, users will also be able to check their eligibility for past and future airdrops on a host of blockchains.

Airdrops Tracker will also provide users with an infrastructure that allows them to claim airdrops directly from the dashboard, eliminating the need for lengthy and complex claim processes across multiple dApps.

Emeris currently offers support for 14 blockchains, including Cosmos Hub (ATOM), Crypto.com (CRO), and Osmosis (OSMO), with more chains to be integrated in the coming months.

The Airdrops Tracker announcement comes just days after the platform announced another new product: a cross-chain DEX aggregator. The platform, like Airdrops Tracker, will allow users to access DEXs like Osmosis, Sifchain, and JunoSwap from a familiar Emeris interface.

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