The modern age is defined by our access to the Internet. Facebook is the leading social networking site, Google rules search, Whatsapp rules chat, and Amazon rules e-commerce. While Internet transactions are dominated by PayPal.

Ultimately, we rely on centralized services, which have recently expanded into multi-billion dollar behemoths. This has made our data easily available on the web and privacy is at stake. However, coming to the project of today’s discussion, Status (SNT) is a revolutionary platform that reinvented the entire social network.

Status has revolutionized messaging by decentralizing messages on the Ethereum network. It allows its consumers exceptional control over how the network will be managed and developed. Are you one of the many investors interested in SNT? Your search now comes to an end as we decode the plausible SNT price prediction for 2022 and the years to come.


CryptocurrencyStatusTokenSTNUSD Price$0.03Market Cap$106,923,594Trading Volume$2,585,939Circulating Supply3.47B SNT All-Time High$0.6759 (04 Jan 2018) All-Time Low$0.00619 (13 Mar 2020)

*Statistics are at the time of publication.

Status (SNT) Price Prediction

Year Low Potential Average Price High Potential

SNT Price Prediction 2022

SNT did not have a great start to the year 2022. On January 1, it was trading at a price below $0.5. The price did not seem to recover from the downtrend and dropped to $0.04 on Jan 31. SNT stayed in the funds for the next two months, February and April.

The price made a subtle upward move on March 26 when it rose from $0.05 to $0.07. The price also hovered around $0.05 in April and did not seem to recover from the bearish phase. Later in May, the cost of the SNT fell again and fell to $0.03.

Also, in June, the price took another jump down when it bottomed out at $0.02 on June 15. The second quarter proved devastating for the cryptocurrency as the market as a whole experienced turbulence due to insolvency issues facing key corporations.

Status Price Prediction for Q3

Consumers have little influence over how social networks develop. However, that is not the case with Status. Software development here could be directly under the supervision of Status stakeholders. The network can also be proposed by any holder of the SNT. That said, users have all the power they need, which could reach a maximum price of $0.0367.

However, the efforts may not be delivering the desired results because investors and traders have divergent goals. This could push the price of SNT to $0.0276, its lowest point. The average price, however, could be at $0.0318 if neither the bulls nor the bears influence its cost.

SNT Coin Price Prediction for Q4

There is no doubt that the Status project team has been quite proactive. Additionally, they will continue to bring regular updates and new features to the business that will enhance the usefulness of the ecosystem. Also, an increase in profit could push your cost up to $0.0457 in the latest quarter.

While uninteresting circumstances and ordinary trading may cap the price at $0.0388. Conversely, if the market takes a nasty crash and the bears outnumber the bulls. The state value could find its support at $0.0336 at the end of its yearly trade.

State Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for 2023

Status is involved in several intriguing multi-stakeholder initiatives. For example, they are developing a Civic interface, which would make it easier for people to use their solutions. All this integration makes SNT a valuable investment in 2023 that could reach a maximum price of $0.07101.

On the other hand, if things do not go according to plan and if the digital asset is exposed to unfavorable reviews and FUD. The token price would stabilize at its theoretical low of $0.0407. However, taking all factors into account, a promising average price for the virtual currency would be $0.0522.

State Price Forecast for 2024

Users can drive development and shape how the network evolves and changes with the state browser. Additionally, the coin can be used to pay for services other than governance. Giving users a sense of control can attract new investors. As a result, the price could reach its yearly target of $0.0978 in 2024.

On the contrary, the increase in bullish volumes will support the FTM cost decline to a low of $0.0542. However, a balance between buying and selling pressures could place your average cost at $0.0688.

State Price Prediction (SNT) for 2025

This ultra-fast browser for Dapps could rise to $0.1581 as the coin develops further. In addition, a greater deployment of the protocol can act as a catalyst for it. And effective partnerships and alliances could level up the game. However, considering its average trajectory throughout its phases, the value of SNT can end up at $0.0995 in the middle.

From a historical perspective, status remains somewhat erratic amid market changes. Therefore, if the bears gain control of the sector by the end of 2025, the token could end up with a price floor of $0.0765.

What does the market say?

trading beasts

According to Trading Beasts SNT price prediction. The cost of Status could peak at approximately $0.053, by the end of 2022. Analysts anticipate that the cost may average $0.042. Successively, the altcoin is projected to reach its maximum potential of $0.0654 by the end of 2025.

Digital currency price

For SNT, Digital Coin Price anticipates a linear price path. The company projects a maximum closing target of $0.0413 for 2022. While anticipating $0.0358 and $0.0381 for the minimum and average amounts. According to Digital Coin Price’s state price prediction, the most expensive closing targets for 2023 and 2025 are set at $0.046 and $0.0633.

Government Capital

By the end of 2022, analysts at the firm predict that the value of the virtual currency will average $0.0263. The low and high closing estimates for 2022 are anticipated to be $0.0223 and $0.0302, respectively. However, Gov. Capital has a bullish outlook on the longer time horizon. By the end of 2023 and 2025, the token is expected to reach its maximum value of $0.0733 and $0.1725.

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What is state token (SNT)?

The state is classified as a decentralized browser, desktop and mobile system software, and also a messaging application. As a result, Status allows remote communication with a network at any time. The project landed on the market in June 2017.

It can give you exposure to all Ethereum decentralized applications, through an app that is downloaded to your smartphone or tablet. The state is a light client Ethereum node. Therefore, consumers can access applications, such as a cryptocurrency wallet, and send encrypted emails or messages.

Status is an open source platform with a strong community dimension that encourages everyone to participate in building the decentralized web of tomorrow. A social network has been redesigned as State. Furthermore, it allows the user to have exceptional control over how it will be managed and evolved.

fundamental analysis

Carl Bennetts and Jarrad Hope established the Status network as a whole. Before that, each of them owned a software distribution business. Consumers of this platform can communicate with DApps that are active on the Ethereum blockchain.

Customers receive over 2,000 DApps in return. As well as the ability to implement smart contracts, receive and send encrypted p2p conversations, and transfer funds. State Network Tokens, often referred to as “SNTs”, are the native currency of the system and are used by the system itself.

Status aims to speed up and streamline the implementation of Ethereum DApps. A group of people who are also interested parties allow the behavior and software of the platform to match the preferences of a particular user. Peer-to-peer technology can ensure a stable-state network, and participants study a cryptoeconomic model.

CoinPedia SNT Price Prediction

It is possible that SNT will increase the number of users significantly if it can acquire more associations and develop some more advances. This would stimulate growth in the state, resulting in a possible price increase. It could reach a maximum value of $0.086 if all goes according to plan.

On the other hand, the cryptocurrency can suffer from changes in the market, unpredictability in the world or even failed updates. And as a result, it may be difficult for the token price to stabilize around $0.04 by the end of 2022.

Historical Market Sentiments


SNT was released in the summer of 2017, at a cost of $0.05. For the rest of the year, the utility currency was flat at that price. But early the following year, he had his biggest rebound to date.

2018 – 2019

On January 4, 2018, the price of SNT shot up to its ATH of $0.67. After the price increase, SNT fell sharply; by early February, it had fallen below $0.20. The following month, the token fell below the $0.10 level. In April, SNT saw a modest uptick after announcing a new initiative called Status Incubate. The SNT increased on April 29 to $0.17. Plus and minus, the price was stable for the time interval between mid-2018 and the end of 2019. However, the year 2019 turned out to be worse as the token ended the year at $0.009.


The downward trend of the utility token persisted. It reached an all-time low of $0.006 on March 13, 2020. The value of SNT fluctuated between $0.02 and $0.03 for the rest of the year.


2021 was a comparatively better year for SNT. This came after the team released a quarterly report detailing significant achievements. On Feb 10, SNT broke above $0.10 for the first time after 2018. Over the following months, the price of the utility token increased further. After its desktop beta update, SNT peaked at $0.27 on April 15. SNT crashed after reaching a high of $0.21 on May 6 and hasn’t broken above it since. After falling to levels around $0.05 in June. In September, it briefly managed to break above $0.10. However, it continued to fall, falling below $0.10 in December.

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frequent questions

Q: Is Status a good investment?

A: With big goals, Status wants to be the default browser for Web3 DApps. While the short term may seem bland, it could push higher on the higher time frame.

Q: Is Estado a secure platform?

A: Yes, Status is a fully encrypted and legitimate platform.

Q: How high will the STN price go by the 2022 year-end?

A: The altcoin could shoot up to $0.0457 by the end of 2022.

Q: What could be the maximum trading price of FTM by the end of 2025?

A: According to our state price prediction, STN price is anticipated to claim a more expensive tag of $0.1581.

Q: Where can I buy SNT?

A: SNT is available for trading on leading cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, OKX, MEXC, and CoinTiger, among others.

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