Investors accumulate MEMAG tokens in the Meta Masters Guild (MMG) pre-sale to take full advantage of the attractive initial discounts. Now in its fifth stage, the presale has raised $3,167,543.01 of its goal of $3,430,000. It is widely speculated that the MEMAG pre-sale will soon sell out ahead of schedule, in response to the growing interest in the project and the wide range of products it features.

Web3’s Pioneer Guild of Mobile Based Games

Meta Masters Guild is the latest crypto gaming sensation that aims to build the largest mobile gaming guild in the world. The mission of the project is to create fun and addictive games with playable NFTs, where the community can earn rewards, bet and trade.

Gaming is one of the fastest growing blockchain sectors today, with a large percentage of it featuring metaverse, NFTs, and other advanced technology integrations. Needless to say, the industry has built a significant user base out of the gaming population. Attractive crypto rewards and fair tokenization of in-game assets make them the future of gaming. The entry of the metaverse, VR and AR team has accelerated the growth of the industry.

Despite that, only 9% of users access Web3 via desktop. A sizeable 48.2% opt for mobile access, highlighting the importance of flexibility and convenience. Game developers need to take a mobile-first approach if they want to build a relevant user base. And that is exactly what Meta Masters Guild does, combining the advanced use cases of cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Fun comes first at MMG

Here’s a closer look at the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem and why the MEMAG pre-sale is all the rage.

1. Meta Masters Guild is guided by the vision of never losing sight of entertainment. It is home to fun games that users can immerse themselves in to break the stress of a tiring day. The games will focus on fostering sustainable growth, rather than selling off speculative assets. The stable player base, in turn, supports the open economy.

These are the first three MMG titles:

Meta Kart Racers – A mobile first PVP racing game where you have to compete against other players in the Meta Kart Championship. Raid NFT – a turn-based fantasy fighting game where you have to choose between various classes of warriors. Meta Masters World – A metaverse where members can explore games and experiences, collect resources, and participate in competitions.

2. At heart, Meta Masters Guild is a community of players. It is essential for the ecosystem to create a sense of belonging between the players, who are not only playing against each other, but also against each other. It facilitates the flow of assets between investors and players, thus closing the financial and technical gaps in blockchain gaming. In addition, the community will be part of the decision-making process.

3. In recent years, play-to-win (P2E) games have reduced blockchain gaming to crypto incentives. The approach is fundamentally flawed, as it emphasizes winning over playing. To address the issue and build a sustainable player economy, MMG introduces a play-win ecosystem that features engaging games and offers attractive rewards to players.

The ecosystem rewards you with a currency called gems depending on your gameplay. You can exchange gems for MEMAG tokens and stake them in the ecosystem for additional rewards. They are also used as payment for in-game NFT upgrades.

There are several ways to join the Meta Masters Guild

Whether you’re a player, an investor, or a member of the community helping the project grow, your efforts are appreciated and rewarded.

If you have a brilliant game idea that has the potential to inspire players, feel free to share it with the MMG team. They will bring him alive. MMG will provide in-game assets of the highest standards to top-tier players through investors. While investors will be paid to lend their assets, players are given the opportunity to play the games with a small initial investment. It will foster an exciting and competitive environment for MMG titles. The project will make long-term deals with content creators and give them access to the best content in the game. The goal is to bring the platform to more users and communities through talented content creators. As an active supporter of the MMG community, you have the opportunity to earn MEMAG tokens, in-game NFTs and other attractive benefits. Being a constant presence on MMG’s social media channels pays off.

MEMAG pre-sale is heading towards an advance sale

MEMAG is the native cryptographic token of the Meta Masters Guilds ecosystem. Now you can stock up on the token, widely predicted to become one of the first cryptocurrencies to enter the 1B club in 2023, in the ongoing pre-sale at deeply discounted prices. The sooner you buy, the bigger the discount and returns.

Divided into seven stages with gradually increasing prices, MEMAG is selling for 0.019 USDT in the fifth stage of pre-sale now. The price of the token in the next stage is 0.021 USDT. After completing all seven stages, you will be listed on level 1 trades at $0.023.

Judging by the increasing traffic in the Meta Masters Guild pre-sale, the project’s ambitious vision of building the largest Web3 gaming guild has resonated with the audience. While the highlight of the game is the gameplay, the play and win features, the open in-game economy, community-driven governance, and various sources of revenue give the project an edge over competitors.

The short and long term projections for the token look promising if the project sticks to the clearly defined roadmap. It has the potential to reward up to 30X returns for early-stage investors by the end of 2023, with multiple key milestones ahead.

To buy MEMAG, install a crypto wallet and connect your wallet to the pre-sale page. The platform offers options to purchase the token using ETH, USDT, and fiat cards through Transak. Tokens can be claimed after the pre-sale. For the latest updates on pre-sale and listings, please join the Meta Masters Guild community on all social media pages.

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