Deep Space – February 22, 2099


A mass arrest between punks and apes was recently carried out after a careful police investigation. The culprits, known as the “space convicts”, were placed in a space prison awaiting trial.

Unfortunately, this has led to recurring gang riots, infighting and escape attempts.

It is rumored that gangs are forming on the Discord server for the purpose of organizing fights. Winners win $CIG, a prized prison currency that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

buy weapons to use in the fight. These include things like broken ketchup bottles, handles, saw blades, elephant guns, and many more. Acquire the necessary tools to escape from jail with your own prison gang. your fellow inmates.

Most NFT collections only promise future games and token functionality. But eyewitnesses have confirmed that this game and token functionality is now available on the Space Convict Discord server!

Prison fights happen daily. $CIG is won and lost by the bucketful and this is just the beginning. The roadmap also includes prison break attempts, starships, and metaverse integration.

Space Convicts Gen 2 is coming on March 15, including new items and traits. You will be able to mint at a greatly reduced gas cost due to the highly optimized smart contract.

Whitelist locations are still available at the time of this writing. Make sure to join Discord now and secure your spot. Don’t hate yourself for missing something!



This post Space Convicts NFT drops on March 15!

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