The people of the crypto city have been investigating the credibility of Solana, ever since she had her first DDoS attack. Fast forward to this date, the top-tier blockchain has fallen victim to a number of bottlenecks and issues. In a very recent event, Solana Solend loan and loan protocol. Her initiative to take over a whale account has been questioned.

While the protocol has withdrawn the proposal and is now in contact with the account holder. Coin market advocates have rolled up their sleeves to verify the matter and get the facts right. Successively, the findings now question the credibility of the network. Buckle up as this article explores the ins and outs of the matter.

Is Solana now prone to a big fall?

From one of the updates covered by CoinPedia the other day. We are now aware of the fact that Solend has withdrawn his proposal to take over the whale account. Following on from the same, we now have more facts in hand. Which aims to demystify the issue around the Solana “Solend” loan and indebtedness protocol.

Crypto investor and analyst german miles in a Twitter thread highlights the buzz around Solend. The proponent brings to light that, despite the mass backlash to SLND1, the proposal garnered 97.5% of the vote in his favour. He cites that more than 90% of the votes were cast by a single user. The supporter calls it a fundamental flaw in the system, as the voting power depends on the user’s DAO holdings.

With the community going through internal disputes, the loan protocol had called for a new proposal to invalidate the old one. While the movement is welcoming, the presence of DAO is questioned. The events around Solend have been questioning the sole purpose of the decentralization and the centralization of the network.

In short, after all the hustle and bustle, the team has confirmed that the whale account is now in contact with the team. And that the whale now moves its funds. That said, veterans of the business now point to Solana for her dependability. However, the price of SOL has taken little or nothing. The altcoin is currently trading 4.65% higher at $37.2.

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