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Solana (SOL) Price Analysis

Solana price continues to extend the bearish descending triangle as volatility has largely reduced. A large increase in DEX activity was witnessed marking a doubling of CEX levels. Jumping nearly 11%, SOL price continues to cement itself in the top 10, but if it fails to attract the bulls, it may finally make an exit in the coming days.

SOL price is trapped inside a huge descending triangle since making its highs above $250 during Q4 2021. However, it attempted a V-shaped recovery in Q1 2022 but fell victim to the bearish and fell 79% to reach the current trade. zone. SOL price is expected to break the lower support and drop below $10 in the next few days.

However, the support zone between $24 and $19 can keep the price stable for a while. However, a single digit target could be close for price going forward, if SOL price does not trigger a bounce.

Polka dot price analysis (DOT)

Polkadot price has been trading steadily below $7 since the market crashed in May 2022. Surprisingly, the DOT platform is the second most active project in terms of development activity after Ethereum, and is three times as active as Cosmos, which is the third.

Despite a large increase in network updates, network activity is still very insignificant as the daily active address has dropped considerably.

The price is trading inside a huge bearish triangle and is expected to continue trading between the same predetermined levels until the end of the month. After reaching the apex of the triangle, the price may experience an intensified bearish pull within the support zone. However, after a significant bounce, DOT price could eventually rise to reach the local resistance at $7.13.

Polygon Price Analysis (MATIC)

The price of the polygon is trading inside an ascending triangle, aiming to reach the crucial resistance at $0.84 low, showing a different trend than the previous two. While the asset had previously tried to break through the overhead resistance a couple of times but failed, MATIC price may witness another rejection in the coming days.

However, the rejection may further prompt catapult action to rally higher and hit immediate resistance at $1.14, above $1.

MATIC price has rallied after bouncing off the lower support levels of the triangle and may be heading towards the crucial resistance zone. Similar to the previous trend, the price may again face rejection and take a minor pullback just before marking its monthly highs above $0.98.

However, after achieving a pullback, the price of the Polygon (MATIC) may start a firm bounce at $0.92 and rise beyond $1 before the end of October 2022.

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