Solana Foundation is finally competing with research into the cause behind the February 25 mainnet beta outage. Core developers confirmed congestion within the primary block propagation protocol “Turbine” as the reason behind long block completion times and other technical issues.

According to the Solana Foundation’s “02-25-23 Solana Mainnet Beta Outage Report,” several services with block forwarding software have been sending data larger than a normal block. Rebroadcasting the large block to the Solana network by block-forwarding services failed deduplication logic, which could have prevented the outage.

Abnormal network traffic saturated Turbine’s capacity, forcing most of the block data to be sent over the extremely slow backup block repair protocol. Core engineers have determined that this issue is caused by a flaw in the deduplication logic in the Shard Forwarding service.

How the Solana outage started?

The slowdown on the Solana network started after a faulty validator emitted an abnormally large block during its leader slot. According to the core developers, the large size of the block was due to filling evidence of history with virtual taps. This usually happens when the validator skips the consensus due to misconfiguration, software bug, or hardware failure.

Validators previously considered issues with the v1.14.16 upgrade to be the reason behind the outage and restarted the chain with the previous upgrade, returning normal network functions on February 26 at 01:28 UTC. Research has indeed revealed a change in Turbine in v1.14.16 which increased the maximum number of recovery fragments allowed in a block.

Improvements to the Solana network

Core engineers have improved the deduplication logic with a deduplication filter to prevent loops in the turbine fabric, the capacity of the deduplication filter has been increased, and a new deduplication filter will efficiently prevent duplications.

Engineers plan to improve design resiliency and compatibility by working with shredding service providers. Solana Labs validation client patch is applied, limiting larger blocks. In addition, all UDP-based network protocols in the validation software will be replaced by QUIC.

“Implementing QUIC in Turbine allows the protocol to guarantee that snippets taken into Turbine by a node follow the path defined by the protocol, imposing topology constraints within Turbine itself.”

Solana Price Rises Higher

Solana price breakout above the 11-month resistance trendline after Bitcoin broke the $30,000 psychological level last week after 10 months. This bullish breakout indicates a trend reversal and the huge trading volume indicates positive investor sentiment.

According to CoinGape analysis, Solana price could rise 16% to reach resistance levels of $26.8 and $30.5. RSI has moved into bullish territory, indicating strong buying pressure in the market.

The launch of Solana Mobile on April 13 is also a major catalyst for the SOL price hike. The community has been actively awaiting the launch of the Saga Web3 smartphone since its announcement last year.

The SOL price is currently trading at $23.20, down 7% in the last 24 hours. A long squeeze caused the massive Bitcoin and Ethereum longs to liquidate, leading to a broader sell-off in the crypto market. However, sentiment remains positive for SOL price to reach $30.

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