The global market capitalization has just recaptured the $1 trillion mark with a massive 6.31% jump compared to the last trading day. Bitcoin price has spiked past $22,500, while Ethereum price is heading towards $1,700. With bullish sentiments rising within the crypto space, many of the altcoins have also started off on a notable rally.

The Solana price, which was supposed to be dead, has now reclaimed 10th place with a massive rise of over 200% from its lows. Meanwhile, Aptos (APT) has iconically risen by nearly 50% in the past few hours, raising the possibility that the trend is in the early stages of a healthy high season.

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The APT price since the beginning of the year triggered a massive rally, rising nearly 270% from $3.6 to $12.9 and counting. However, the price consolidated after marking levels at $8 for a while and rallied nearly 60% in the last 24 hours to form new 2023 highs. they can expect less chance of backtracking.

Additionally, Solana’s price jumped above $25 with a notable increase of more than 20%, as trading volume increased more than 143%, reaching $1.78 billion. The market capitalization also increased by 20.27%, which is currently around $9.34 billion, demonstrating its potential to overcome negative market sentiment.

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Solana’s price bottomed out shortly after the FTX fallout as it suffered the most exposure to the event. Many believed that the SOL token would not rise again, but the giant price action that began in early 2023 shed a ray of hope. Currently, the price of the SOL is undergoing a parabolic rally and, with frequent rallies, it is supposed to break above the crucial resistance of $35 by the end of January 2023.

Collectively, bullish momentum is believed to prevail for a while, which may keep prices high to some extent. The coming weekend can be considered pivotal as the trend tends to change quickly. Therefore, if the Solana (SOL) and Aptos (APT) prices close the weekly trade above the gained levels, then the next trend may mark several bullish candles ahead.

This post Solana entered the Top 10 while Aptos Price leads the top gainers! Has the alternate season started?

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