Skate Punks is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs. Each includes hand-drawn elements such as hooded jackets, skateboards, unique metal clothing, backpacks, tin faces, unusual shoes, digital accessories, and many more toiletries.


Skate Punk NFTs open several doors, both digital and physical. A true link between real world realms and the metaverse.

Collaborations seem to be a priority in the NFT and gaming industry, Skate punks has teamed up with ALPACADABRAZ, Monster Ape Club, The Doge Pound, DexTools, Cybernites and Kryxivia for their WL giveaways and exclusive fashion store for nft holders , which will be released a few weeks after the drop.

Benefits of owning a Skatepunk NFT

► Access to the closed fashion store with unique streetwear and footwear.

► Unlocks the ability to customize gear and equipment.

► Receive invitations to their street art festivals!

► Get free limited access to airdrops, future mutations and 3D collection.

Grab your Punks and join the Crew 🔥🛹!

The whitelisted mint will start on March 4 at 5 pm (UTC) at 0.050 ETH per Skatepunk, followed by the public mint on March 5 at 2 pm (UTC) at 0.075 ETH per Skatepunk.

Mint page access

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