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Dogecoin’s market structure was bullish. The analysis of the lower time frame showed that $0.085-$0.09 was a support zone.

Bitcoin [BTC] continued to trade below $23k. While it did not retest the $22.3k support zone, it also failed to break above $24.2k. This phase of consolidation has given many altcoins room to turn a profit.

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Dogecoin [DOGE] has made steady gains over the past two weeks. It formed a series of higher lows and has a bullish market structure on the daily time frame. Still, the buyers have faced stiff resistance near the $0.1 mark.

The bearish order block has resisted DOGE bulls’ attempts since late January

Source: DOGE/USDT on TradingView

Just below the psychologically significant level of $0.1, a bearish order block lay on the daily time frame from December 2022. In the past week, the price failed to force itself above $0.1, underlining that sellers dominated this area.

The RSI was above the neutral 50 indicating that momentum was bullish. The DMI also showed a strong upward trend, with the ADX (yellow) and the +DI (green) both above 20. In addition, the daily market structure has been bullish and DOGE has made a series of higher lows since January.

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In particular, the move above the $0.079 resistance level and subsequent retest was a major sign of bullish strength. Similarly, a breakout above $0.1 will also be a strong indication of bullish dominance. Until then, some consolidation and a slow rise were likely. A move back below $0.082 and $0.078 will reverse the bias to bearish.

30-day MVRV is falling, but sentiment also slipped into negative territory

Source: Sentiment

The 30-day MVRV pushed to a three-month high. Before it could reach this level, the metric dropped. At the same time, DOGE saw a pullback of $0.098. This suggested that holders have made short-term gains. Despite this selling pressure, DOGE has yet to break below the lower time frame support at $0.088-$0.09.

The age-consumed statistic hasn’t seen a sharp spike recently, nor has the 90-day dormant circulation. If that were the case, it could indicate a wave of selling is just around the corner.

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