Among the many new developments taking place in the Shiba Inu ecosystem, the motorsport P2E racing game and associated NFTs from the Shiba Racing Team have just been announced. Shiba Racing Team or SRT in shot, is a modern racing NFT initiative that draws inspiration from both Formula 1 racing and the Shiba Inu token.

The P2E racing game from SHIB Metaverse

According to the official announcement, the new project will expand NFT’s reach by launching the play-to-earn gaming platform on the SHIB metaverse while providing real-world utilities.


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The upcoming NFT collection is considered crucial to generating a consistent stream of income from the game’s earning mechanisms and also adding weight to an NFT collector’s portfolio.

Shiba Racing NFT Launch

On the Ethereum Network, the Shiba Racing Team consists of 9,990 different NFTs built on the ERC-721 standard. The Racing Team’s motorsport racers will feature in this original collection of 9,990 distinctive NFTs.

The team behind the project has also confirmed that it will enable multiplayer game mode where different users around the world can compete with each other.

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The project’s genesis collection reportedly features motorsport racers viz. Ace (the Shiba Inu), Max (the bull), Char (the dragon), Milo (the white tiger) and Bubbles (the bear). Said to be included in the NFT collection, these five top motorsport racers have various attributes including goggles, headgear, backgrounds, firefighter suits and more.

Jason Scobythe founder of the new initiative, was quoted as saying:

While the metaverse can accommodate new innovations and advancements, the strong gaming industry presence in the metaverse is outstanding, and we strive to provide a better and more immersive racing experience by launching our carefully crafted NFTs.

Grand Prix on SHIB Metaverse?

The Shiba Racing Team’s second NFT collection will feature supercars as NFTs. The gamers can try different supercars and modifications to find their winning combination.

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In addition, the initiative plans to host Grand Prix competitions on its metaverse racing platform, where players from around the world can participate and compete for crypto rewards.

According to the details released by the team, players eager to take advantage of this signature P2E and PVP metaverse racing platform will be able to purchase the Shiba Racing Team’s signature NFTs once their collection launches and register themselves as potential candidates.

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