The ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies has been in search of a run with the bulls, to all-time highs. While the industry has been moving in the snail space, it is very different from the traits of the industry. People in the industry are now leaning towards the high-yielding assets that have led an astonishing rally in the recent past.


Successively, Shiba Inu with its triple-digit price rise in the past is back in the spotlight. The Doge-killer, with its number of utilitarian initiatives, has been separating itself from its crown of meme coins. Among the ongoing initiatives, this time two new initiatives, namely Growth Breed and Defense Breed, have been attracting the interest of the masses.

Are Shiba Inu uniting their community before another jump?

Shiba Inu have been growing on numerous fronts, regardless of their price projections, which have been in line with the market as a whole. Shiba Inu have come a long way from being a meme coin in the past year. To a protocol with a multitude of development initiatives and adoptions. Ongoing developments include Shibarium, ShibaSwap 2.0, Shiberse, among others.

Successively, speaking of adoptions and acceptance, the last participant is the AMC cinemas. Other feats include, SHIB holders recently surpassing the 1,196,600+ holder count on Etherscan, excluding CEX holders. In contrast, ShibaSwap continues to lead in security at CertiK.

The growing Shib community is now getting a boost from the growth breeds. Which focuses on external communication and public relations. Marketing and social networks, strategic alliances, community outreach and transmission. Market risk analysis and guidance, and account management and retention. The initiative aims to support the coverage of the focus areas.

Instead, Shib’s troop sees the announcement from Shib’s official Twitter community. The team has been working on initiatives to connect members of the community. In order to share ideas, information and events in the ecosystem. In succession, the Shiba sessions will host weekly talks and discussions on the Shiba ecosystem with the Shib army.

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Will this initiative change the way Shib operates?

Defense Breed is now the talk of the community, ever since the creators shed light on it. Defense is a team that aims to reinforce the ecosystem at its core. While providing support within the discord to those who need it. The initiative will protect the ecosystem and its investors by filtering and verifying information.

Successively, Defense Breed will be in the loop of the hierarchy of each project. And it will ensure a higher level of clarity before finalizing the decision. That said, the mechanism will maintain transparency at all times.

Rather, the creators have been working on a Burn portal while the release date is in the mist. Tests around the same have been going around in flight. SHIB bun events have been an essential part of the ecosystem. And we have met the community that does this type of event. In a recent exploit, the SHIB consumption rate skyrocketed 400% in 24 hours.

In short, the aforementioned networking and community building initiatives will certainly help the ecosystem to thrive to greater heights. That said, increasing management and development initiatives will eventually help drive the price of a run into double or triple digits. With the clarity now coming from the FED, we can look forward to the listing of SHIB on Robinhood in the near future.

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