Florida Governor Ron Desantis spoke out in favor of Bitcoin and in opposition to central bank digital currencies in his official announcement of his presidential bid.

Desantis formally announced his presidential candidacy on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk and venture capitalist David Sack on May 24. DeSantis has become one of the leading candidates in the Republican Party since Donald Trump failed to secure re-election in 2020, and his candidacy has been widely anticipated.

DeSantis spoke about his plans “to lead our great American comeback,” which involves tackling big issues with unrestricted immigration, rising crime, and restoring economic sanity, including supporting Bitcoin rights and rolling back of the digital dollar.

DeSantis Gives a Pro-Bitcoin Opinion

During the One Hour Slots, DeSantis spoke primarily about his concerns about what he calls “the leftist agenda,” which he argues is overbearing and overreaching. On his Twitter space, DeSantis expanded his thoughts to cryptocurrency.

Referring to what some in the crypto community have dubbed “Operation Choke Point 2.0,” DeSantis said that people have the right to own and transact Bitcoin, arguing that the government is waging war on cryptocurrencies because it is out of the scope of his authority.

He expressed concern that Bitcoin might not survive another four years of US regulatory hostility.

No to central bank digital currencies

Ron DeSantis said: “We are not doing a central bank digital currency (CBDC)” if I become president of the US in 2024.

Last month, Florida passed legislation to prevent a CBDC from being recognized as money in the state. DeSantis said Florida was the first to take a legislative position.

Senate Bill 7054 aims to protect the rights of Floridians by prohibiting a CBDC from being treated as money under the Florida Uniform Commercial Code.

The event suffered technical difficulties due to the systems being unable to cope with 600,000 listeners tuned in simultaneously. It was noted that 2.4 million had listened to the show, ranking it among the most popular Twitter spaces this year.

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