Financial genius Robert Kiyosaki, known for his bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, recently drew attention with another Bitcoin-related Twitter. mail. A celebrated financial educator turned Bitcoin advocate, Kiyosaki advised investors to stay interested in Bitcoin amid mild stability in the US economy.

Stocks on the rise, debt on the rise

Recently, the stock market has experienced an unexpected rally, a trend that Kiyosaki links to the removal of the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling, a limit set by Congress on the amount the US government can borrow, has recently been a contentious issue.

Congress decided to fully suspend the cap until 2025 after failing to agree on a new cap. This suspension could cause the national debt to rise hand in hand with the stock market.

Kiyosaki’s feeling about the situation was quite clear. “The rich get richer while America gets poorer. Sad,” she commented, making it clear that she would stick to “real money and real assets: gold, silver, Bitcoin”.

Congress last month gave the green light to a deal to raise the government’s borrowing limit, avoiding a potentially disastrous default on US debt payments. This ceiling, currently at a staggering $31.4 trillion dollars, has been the source of intense debate. The inability to reach an agreement on the terms has made the decision to raise or suspend the cap increasingly challenging in recent years.

Bitcoin’s unwavering stance

Switching gears to Bitcoin, its current value is $30,334. Despite the bullish rally influenced by the SEC lawsuit versus Ripple, Bitcoin has been stable within a range of $29,000 to $31,000.

With its characteristic weekend price swings and lower volume, if influential investors were to buy over the weekend, Bitcoin could break above the $30,500 mark, perhaps even approaching $32,000. On the other hand, if investors decide to sell, Bitcoin could fall below the fundamental level of $30,000, with the risk of a potential drop to the $28,000 range.

Bulls interested in defending Bitcoin need to ensure that the digital currency stays above the $30,000 level. Kiyosaki’s push to stay with Bitcoin comes at a crucial time, aligning with these market uncertainties and the volatile weekend ahead.

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