Charles Hoskinson denounced any further links to XRP due to the community’s response to criticism
Adoption by XRP users grew much more slowly.

The Ripple [XRP] the community’s troubles with Charles Hoskinson may not end anytime soon as new developments have emerged regarding the matter. The Cardano [ADA] founder described the community as toxic in a Dec. 17 tweet, noting that he was ready to move forward with the collection he has with the project.

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Hoskinson’s outburst was not sudden. Instead, he was responding to an allegation related to his December 16 XRP Critical. Notable for not letting the debugging slide, the Cardano chief was accused of avoiding Bitcoin [BTC] conferences due to “insults” from certain holders.

However, Hoskinson pointed out that toxicity wasn’t his only reason for parting ways with Ripple.

No value now?

Hoskinson defended his position, noting that XRP offered no technical value to Cardano or the crypto ecosystem in general. Recently, the co-founder of blockchain development company, Input Output, agreed that XRP could faced a crash if it settles with the SEC out of court. Reactions to his tweet showed differences from different angles.

For some XRP supporters, Ripple needed Hoskinson’s input to grow. However, some who probably had both ADA and XRP pointed out that the conflict was unnecessary. A particular “Pharaohfrom the various comments said:

Despite the statement, Ripple was high and good in terms of development activity. According to Santiment, XRPs development activity left the low point on December 9. Since that period, it had only made increases and remained at 9.79 at the time of writing.

This increase implied that there was a lot going on per private GitHub repositories regarding Ripple chain. Nevertheless, Ripple development activity had little to no correlation coefficient with XRP value. Likewise, the negative comments failed to stop the upgrades on his network.

In addition, investors’ actions in accumulating XRP in custodial wallets continued to level off. This position was reflected by the supply of exchanges, which remained at 99.97 billion.

Source: Sentiment

Spirit of a chance

In terms of network growth, information from Santiment showed that there had been a major slump. In exact values, XRP’s network growth was 1045. This represented a loss of traction and user adoption. However, it would be quick to assume that Hoskinson played a role in this as the Reduce began before his last statement.

Meanwhile, XRP’s seven-day circulation attempted to recoup losses. Although it was negligible, because a drop from 6.9 billion to 1.76 billion was no easy feat. An explanation of this attitude corresponded to minimum XRP trades. Finally, Hoskinson’s comments seemed unrelated to XRP’s network disruption.

Source: Sentiment

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