Ripple vs. SEC News: Some politicians tend to be low on crypto literacy and continue to focus on the crypto industry, as per a tweet from House Republican Jane Adams. XRP community, including attorney John Deaton, corrected her after calling XRP a security. XRP price is up 5% in the last 24 hours, continuing the 75% rally seen in a week.

XRP Community Corrects Politician For Calling XRP A Security

Pro-XRP attorney John E. Deaton increased Twitter citing a tweet from Republican Jane Adams, who called XRP a security and only mentioned the institutional selling portion of Judge Torres’ landmark ruling in the Ripple Vs US SEC lawsuit.

He said someone needs to inform Jane Adams that Bitcoin sold as security in the Shavers case in 2013 does not make Bitcoin (BTC) security yet. Similarly, in a securities transaction to institutions, Ripple does not turn XRP into a security.

“All you need to do is read the plain language of Torres’ decision to know the truth: XRP is NOT security. It is the circumstances surrounding the sale of the underlying asset that determine whether an investment contract exists.”

Another attorney, Bill Morgan, too explained to Jane Adams that XRP sales to institutions are securities as they are investment contracts in the Torres Doctrine. However, the XRP token itself is not a security. He added that there is a big difference and the difference is critical.

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XRP price hits $1

Popular analyst CredibleCrypto in one tweet on July 20, he shares his latest XRP analysis, which predicts a huge upcoming rally. He believes there is no reason to be bearish XRP as long as the price remains above $0.50 suggesting a re-entry level near $0.65.

“An argument can be made for a shorter time dip towards green, but how can anyone be bearish $XRP HTF here is beyond me.”

Source: CredibleCrypto

XRP price is up 5% in the last 24 hours but is offsetting previous gains and is currently trading at $0.80. The 24-hour low and high are at $0.78 and $0.84, respectively. In addition, the trading volume has increased by 35% in the last 24 hours. An analysis by CoinGape Markets predicts that XRP price will regain bullish momentum to surpass $1.

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