LUNC News: Terra Luna Classic core developer and professor Edward Kim has unveiled his research on the “Block Entropy” AI app chain, which will be linked to the Terra Luna Classic blockchain when Interchain Accounts (ICA) become on-chain included. Meanwhile, Edward Kim has launched Block Entropy’s AI Playground to demonstrate the use case of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) on a Terra Cosmos blockchain.

Terra Luna Classic Developer Edward Kim’s Block Entropy

Edward Kim taken took to Twitter to unveil his Medium post and research paper on AI and ML-powered verification and consensus in blockchain and the “Block Entropy” AI app blockchain.

In addition, he announced the launch of Block entropy‘s AI Playground to explore and test generative AI functions on ML nodes through the Terra Classic blockchain.

In the Medium post, Edward Kim said his team is working on scaling a Cosmos blockchain (Terra Luna Classic) for AI and ML applications. It is similar to scaling Ethereum via Layer-2 solution Optimistic and ZK rollups that move computation and data storage off-chain.

“We are developing a custom Cosmos ML module (or smart contract) that controls the interaction, a sequencer node that collects and schedules transactions, and a set of ML nodes that both run the off-chain ML tasks and check other nodes for fraudulent output. .”

The big advantage it currently offers over the Terra Luna Classic is LUNC burning through the Block Entropy TestNet tap. Users must burn LUNC tokens to obtain Block Entropy testnet tokens with an “entropy” message and enter the transaction hash into the TestNet tap.

After including Interchain Accounts in Terra Luna Classic by collaborating with Joint L1 Task Force, this testnet will be disabled, shifting the focus from LUNC burn to utility, as Edward Kim said earlier.

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LUNC Price Breaks Key support

Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) fell below major support during a recent pullback in the broader crypto market despite Block Entropy news. LUNC price is currently trading near the $0.000080 level, down 4% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour low and high are $0.0000796 and $0.0000849, respectively.

In addition, the trading volume has increased slightly in the past 24 hours. According to CoinGape Markets, LUNC price still remains weak.

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