Polygon (MATIC) has released a mainnet beta version of Nightfall. Polygon Nightfall takes a hybrid approach to scale and aims to provide security, confidentiality and efficiency for enterprise blockchains. Polygon believes that web3 infrastructure is the answer.

Why Polygon (MATIC) Nightfall Mainnet?

There is no doubt that enterprise blockchain is overflowing with potential, but clearly lacking in privacy. The only reasons are uncontrolled, closed and centralized enterprises. Polygon is sure to offer an option that is almost impossible. ZK rollups maintain the privacy of transactions on a public network. While Optimistic Rollups ensure economies of scale and efficiency. Backed by Ethereum, Nightfall is the true definition of trust, transparency and credibility, the team argues.

“Most enterprise blockchain solutions are not decentralized. They are private or have permission and rely on pre-existing trust between parties. By centralizing the blockchain, it damages trust.”

The optimal Nightfall approach

As mentioned, using the advanced Optimistic-ZK hybrid approach provides enterprises with everything they need for optimization. Storing transactions on the Ethereum mainnet ensures security. They have also taken care to keep costs as low as possible while maintaining confidentiality from third parties. The announcement read:

“We are pleased to announce Polygon Nightfall, a blockchain solution that leverages advanced Optimistic-Zero Knowledge technology to provide businesses with an accessible blockchain network with the rock-solid privacy they need.”

The mainnet beta, a decentralized private transaction for enterprises, went live today. Polygon and professional services powerhouse EY are convinced to open many doors in web3. Polygon (MATIC) is a carbon neutral web3 infrastructure with the promise to become carbon negative before the end of the year. The beta version syncs with the mission as they focus on cutting gas costs.

“A centralized solution reduces the benefits of using the blockchain in the first place. However, if companies try to use public blockchains like Ethereum, gas prices become too high and unaffordable.

Polygon (MATIC) hopes to begin solving some of these key issues of authorized versus public networks. The highlights of the new launch will be discussed on Polygon Tuesday through an AMA session. Viewers will be briefed on how “the very first layer-2 ZK is going to change enterprise blockchains.” Paul Brody, blockchain leader at EY and Antoni Martin, leader at Polygon (MATIC) will be part of the launch on Tuesday.

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