Decentraland (MANA) Price Analysis

Decentraland price has been in a strong downtrend since mid-February 2022. Also, the very recent attempt to change the downtrend has been in vain as the price negated the uptrend, clipped and revisited lower support. Currently, MANA price has attempted a notable turnaround from the lower support at $2.4 and is heading towards one of the important resistances at $2.8 which may offer interim relief from the downtrend.

Buyers and sellers are in an uphill fight to capitulate the trend accordingly. But the price seems to be about to hit the overhead resistance after experiencing some jumps and pullbacks. The MANA price currently oscillating inside a tight range could reach the upper resistance in a couple of days and also experience a retracement in between. However, the asset may not reach the lower support and fire up with a much earlier bounce and break the levels beyond $3, cutting the pivot levels between $2.7 and $2.8.

Sandbox (SAND) Price Analysis

SAND price is currently testing some crucial phases or support levels where a bounce to higher levels is the need of the hour. However, after struggling for some time, the asset is expected to be dominated by the bears who can drag the price to the lower support near $1.5. Here, instead of quickly bouncing, price may consolidate along support levels to gain some strength.

The SAND price is currently holding quite strong support levels, but the buyers can run out anytime from now. And this is when sellers can jump in to capture the market. Therefore, a sharp drop well below $2 is possible in the near future, which may drag the price around $1.5. Once the yearly lows are marked, a notable rally could take place to lift the price back to $3.

Axie Infinity (AXS) Price Analysis

Axie Infinity, after faking it just a couple of days earlier, is about to repeat the same trend once again. However, the trend currently looks quite bearish as the price oscillates within the same downward trend of the last seven days. Interestingly, buying volume has outpaced the price rally and thus a healthy consolidation at current levels may be imminent.

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