Currently ranked as a leading privacy cryptocurrency, moneros XMR has been in a fierce battle with the bears for the past 90 days. Dropping 77% from its all-time high of $517.62, the ongoing bullish correction in the cryptocurrency market has had little to no impact on the XMR coin’s performance. In fact, the price performance continues to decline even after the network tail emission upgrade.

Here’s what we know about the XMR coin’s performance over the past three months.

Nice gains in April, but…

Interestingly, data from CoinMarketCap showed that in the early days of the crypto market capitulation in April, unlike the price of other coins that immediately began to plummet, the XMR made some gains. Between April 1 and April 22, the cost per XMR coin increased by more than 30%. The price began to fall on April 23, with the coin ending the month with a price index of $229.93.

At the time of going to press, the XMR coin traded at $113.70, registering a 50% drop in price since April 23.

Source: CoinMarketCap

Within the period considered, the market cap of the XMR token also showed some growth in April. At $2.06 billion at press time, it registered a decline since April 23.

Source: Santiment

Despite the networks tail emission upgrade as of June 10, the price and market capitalization of the XMR coin fell 38%.

Source: Santiment

You win something and you lose something

Within a three-month window period, data van Santiment revealed a spike in development activity on the network. On 15, at the time of writing, development activity saw a 46% increase in 90 days.

A closer look at this statistic, however, showed otherwise. Since the tail emission upgrade, development activity has registered a 13% drop.

Source: Santiment

Trading volume has also fallen significantly since April 21 after the coin hit a high of 510.52 million. At the time of going to press this was pegged at 92.97m. Trading volume has been low since early June and the highest recorded trading volume to date was 196.4 million; this was recorded on June 13.

Source: Santiment

In addition, the whales holding XMR coins have gradually made gains over the past 90 days as the whale supply index has been steadily declining. It was 44 at the time of going to press.

Source: Santiment

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