In recent days, the launch of the mainnet of the Aptos blockchain and the accompanying airdrop caused huge waves in the crypto space. While long-unknown tokenomics and token distribution have generated much controversy, beneficiaries of airdrops have been able to enjoy free crypto.

Did you miss the Aptos APT airdrop and now you’re upset about it? Don’t worry. There are no less than 5 very promising projects that could be airdropped in the coming weeks and months. We’ll tell you what these projects are and what you need to do to be eligible for the airdrop.

These are the projects that can be launched from the air

The first project to possibly airdrop is ZetaChain. This is a layer 1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK that launched its testnet on August 10.

ZetaChain’s goal is to be an omnichain dApp that supports multiple networks, including layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC), as well as layer 2 solutions like Polygon and Optimism.

The first live dApp on ZetaLabs was a functional omnichain exchange to trade assets between any connected blockchain. Testnet users can earn ZETA points by exchanging assets, inviting new members, and reporting issues. The table below shows how many points users can earn for each task. The structure for obtaining ZETA points is as follows:

ZETA Point Rules. Source:

To get started with the testnet, the first step is to create a wallet and request tokens through a faucet. After confirmation of the wallet, the exchange of assets can already begin. During the current beta test, the ETH Goerli testnet, Polygon Mumbai, and BSC are used.

SUI could triumph over Aptos

Along with Aptos, the SUI blockchain is one of the most hyped projects in the crypto space right now. Like Aptos, SUI was founded by former Meta employees who are developing a highly scalable layer 1 blockchain based on Diem’s ​​MOVE programming language and proof-of-stake.

While SUI already closed the acceptance of new validators on the incentivized testnet at the end of August, there could still be a chance of an airdrop as SUI should be interested in bringing liquidity to the network.

As there is no information yet, it is recommended to follow the project on Medium, Twitter and Discord and search for projects like DEX on SUI. Additionally, users can already download the SUI wallet as Chrome extensions.

The SUI testnet token also offers a good opportunity. The easiest way to get it is from platforms that have a built-in faucet. BlueMoveNFT is a good option. The project is the leading multi-chain NFT market in Aptos and SUI.

Twitter user SUI Station also plans to post a list of all the airdrop opportunities in the Sui ecosystem soon.


A third option could be zkSync. The best bet for the airdrop might be to interface with zkSync dapps on the testnet. However, before users can do this, they must add an RPC configuration. The easiest way to do this is at, where a wallet connection to the testnet is set up.

Numerous examples of interaction with the zkSync testnet and its dApps have been collected by an anonymous Twitter user in the following thread.

More options …

The fourth option is Layer Zero. The project is an omnichain interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain applications to be realized with a low-level communication primitive.

On the one hand, there is the possibility of qualifying for a possible airdrop using the free test network. Among others, it is possible to try USDC Layer Zero Bridge and Liquid Swap Bridge.

On the other hand, Stargate Finance offers a very interesting opportunity. The liquidity transport protocol has raised $135 million from funding led by well-known backers including Sequoia Capital, PayPal Ventures, FTX Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Tiger Global, Uniswap Labs, and other investors.

The idea is to become a Stargate Finance DAO voter. For this, users need to purchase a small amount of Stargate Finance Token (STG) on Uniswap or another platform on the mainnet and then stake.

This gives them voting rights on Stargate Finance governance proposals. As a Stargate Finance DAO voter, there is a high probability of becoming an airdrop beneficiary. A detailed instruction can be found here.

Last but least there is Red Quay. Quai Network is a layer 1 blockchain network that uses fusion to achieve high performance.

To reward early community engagement, the project maintains a social media rewards program on various social platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit. Active community members will most likely receive an airdrop.

Meanwhile, the Aptos APT token is trending sideways after yesterday’s trading on all major exchanges.

APT is trading sideways after launch. Source: Tradingview

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