KuCoin expands its presence in Metaverse and Web3 development by introducing its initial gaming offering platform.

KuCoin IGO will help millions of users to access exclusive in-game NFTs through a trusted environment. The platform’s first round sale will launch on April 11.

KuCoin IGO is a logical step

The KuCoin brand is synonymous with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges on the market today. The company serves millions of users around the world and provides access to leading crypto assets and top-tier liquidity.

Furthermore, KuCoin tea has higher expectations in the development of Metaverse and Web3, two concepts that can put cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the hands of mainstream users.

Fueling growth in the gaming, metaverse, and Web3 environment of blockchain requires critical infrastructure.

The KuCoin IGO platform will provide access to exclusive in-game NFTs. Furthermore, the initial gaming offerings enable a seamless centralized experience for users looking to purchase, withdraw, invest, and manage their gaming-related NFT assets.

KuCoin CEO Johnny Lyu states:

“The metaverse is one of the most exciting topics today and a new way of life in the near future. When giants like Meta, Amazon, and Tencent as well as wealthy investors like Elon Musk are pouring a lot of money, talent, and technology into the metaverse, one has to believe that this will be a landmark trend that will deliver a truly unique experience. . Gamefi and NFT will be the most typical entries to the metaverse, which is one of the main reasons why KuCoin launched the IGO platform. We hope to further the development of web3.0 through the KuCoin IGO platform, to get more good gamefi and NFT projects, and help the development of the whole industry.”

The KuCoin IGO platform offers benefits to users, but it is also a valuable tool for creators. Users looking to launch their creations to an audience of millions of users can offer their assets through flat-rate sales, auctions, and mystery boxes.

Pikaster is the first project

The launch of KuCoin IGO has attracted the attention of blockchain game developers. Pikaster, a card battle game created on the KuCoin Community Chain (KCC), will be the first project to be released through the KuCoin IGO.

His team wants to offer a different way to play and win through gamified finance (GameFi). Players can explore various innovative features to combine an outstanding gaming experience with attractive financial incentives.

Pikaster CMO Luffy comments:

“KuCoin has always been a company with high ambitions and is always on the lookout for possible changes in the future. At the same time, KuCoin pays great attention to the value of the community and the value of users. This is completely consistent with our philosophy. So we thought to cooperate with KuCoin and launch IGO as the first project, our decision is completely correct.

Pikaster is confident in bringing new changes to the industry, both from a gaming perspective and from a revenue generation perspective. That’s why we call ourselves “Truly-Play&Truly-Earn”.

Unlike other play to win games, Pikaster uses a three token economy model. That model plays a key role in establishing a sustainable profit-sharing system.

Additionally, Pikaster has an in-game wallet and will provide multiple game modes to keep players engaged. KuCoin made a strategic investment in Pikaster through the KuCoin Ventures arm in March 2022.

Pikaster is developed by Metaland, a company specialized in developing high-quality blockchain games.

In addition, the team is experienced in social, entertainment and sports to ensure that players can explore new experiences in a sustainable financial environment related to gaming.

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