If you thought buying a house or some land in the real world was hard enough, you may not be ready for the competition that the Metaverse is stirring up. GameFi aficionados are always looking for the next opportunity and now a high-profile announcement has sparked much euphoria.

Let’s fill you in.

Uplifting emotions

With the launch of The Sandbox’s Alpha Season 2 on March 3, users are eagerly awaiting new experiences, missions, drama and of course prizes.

However, if you don’t believe the word of the game, you can always look to weighted sentiment, which saw an astronomical rise. As we exited largely negative territory, SAND-weighted sentiment registered a massive spike taking it to around 7.59.

Source: Santiment

Similar highlights were seen in November 2021, before the crashes in December. Meanwhile, August 2020 reached a weighted sentiment of 7.62. However, this was later followed by a devastating crash along with the price of SAND.

That said, the latest highs were noted, although the price of SAND was still in a downtrend. At the time of writing, SAND was trading at 30.08, down 4.79% in the past 24 hours. However, the token had risen by 3.69% if we look at the last seven days. This can perhaps be attributed to the excitement of the Season 2 announcement.

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen whether the hype surrounding the latest season will bring in new users to add to the community and push SAND past its all-time high of $8.44.

Are you gaming for more?

On the other hand, NFTs have not been doing so well lately. While January was a record month for OpenSea, February saw a drop in monthly volumes. An analysis by CoinMarketCap further pointed to the risk of an NFT crash in the future. However, time will tell if this drastically affects the performance of Metaverse tokens.

For more context, another metavers token to look at is Decentraland’s MANA. As of going to press, MANA was trading at $2.60, after falling 3.96% over the past day. It was also in the red, based on the past week. However, most of the top 30 cryptos were in green at the time of writing.

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