Avalanche Network noted a sharp drop in activity on the social front. The price of AVAX remains unaffected, the protocol continued to make strides in the DeFi space.

The past quarter, the Avalanche[AVAX] protocol experienced significant growth in terms of activity. This growth was driven by the success of several dApps operating on the platform, with TraderJoe being one of the main contributors to this growth.

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Is Avalanche’s Popularity Declining?

In recent weeks, however, social activity around AVAX has declined. According to data from AVAX Daily, weekly social mentions for AVAX are down a whopping 309.7%. In addition, social engagements for the protocol also decreased by 3.98% over the same period.

In addition, the social outlook regarding the Avalanche protocol remained negative over the past week. This was demonstrated by Santiment’s data, which indicated that the weighted sentiment for Avalanche was overwhelmingly negative, implying that the negative comments for Avax outweighed the positive ones at the time of writing.

Source: Sentiment

The price of AVAX continues to rise

However, Avalanche’s declining social progress did not hinder AVAX’s price growth. Since testing the $0.406 support level on June 10, the AVAX token price is up 45.82% and was trading at $14.64 at the time of writing. In recent weeks, the price of AVAX has seen multiple highs and high lows and has managed to establish a bullish trend.

The RSI indicator stood at 54.91, implying that the momentum was with the buyers. The CMF at 0.14 also painted a positive picture suggesting buying pressure for AVAX.

Source: Trade View

One of the ways Avalanche could continue to support AVAX’s growth is by burning AVAX tokens. According to Avalanche Explorer data, the protocol burned a total of 2.5 million tokens at the time of writing.

When a transaction takes place on the Avalanche network, it burns the transaction fee and sends it to an unrecoverable address. This fire mechanism has several goals, such as reducing inflation and increasing the scarcity of AVAX tokens as time goes on.

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Coming to the state of the protocol, it was noted that the Avalanche network was doing relatively well, especially in the DeFi sector.

The data from Artemis indicated that the protocol’s TVL has grown significantly in recent weeks. One of the biggest contributors to the growing TVL on the Avalanche network was the increasing DEX volumes on Avalanche, which also increased strongly along with Avalanche’s TVL.

Source: Artemis

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