A Dogecoin-inspired virtual restaurant, called Doge Burger, opened in Dubai last week. Locals can order real food from the “cloud kitchen” for home delivery and pay with crypto.

On the menu is a delicious selection of American classics, including Doge Burger Chicken and Doge Burger Beef, and for connoisseurs, Mushroom and Swiss Burger is sure to hit the spot.

Source: dogeburger.co

What’s even better, despite the restaurant’s name, none of the meat patties contain an actual doge. Instead, the founders named it after Dogecoin, which brought them huge profits.

Anyone fancy a Doge Burger?

Doge Burger bills itself as the first “crypto-based hospitality concept,” allowing payment with digital currencies.

“Doge Burger is the chain’s first cryptocurrency-based hospitality concept that will enable UAE consumers to order and pay for their food with digital currency.”

Time Out Dubai notes that some restaurants based in the United Arab Emirates offered cryptocurrency payments as early as 2014. However, it is doubtful that those restaurants were “cryptocurrency-based hospitality” experiences.

However, payment for your Doge Burger is handled by Crypto.com, which offers payment through its own app, MetaMask, WalletConnect, and “Other Cryptocurrency Wallets.”

Source: dogeburger.co

Last month, Elon Musk said he would eat a Happy Meal on TV if McDonald’s accepts Dogecoin. Although McDonald’s joked that, only if Tesla takes Grimace Coin, everything turned into a big, fat hamburger and nothing.

The problem is that paying with Dogecoin (or any cryptocurrency) has tax consequences, depending on where you live. Things get even more complicated because Dogecoin is not really seen as a payment token.

However, the Dogecoin Foundation hopes to change that. Q4 2021 saw them announce plans to reinvent $DOGE as a payment token, or what they call, “a serious universal currency for the people.”

Will this be enough to bring buyers back or encourage further crypto adoption?

United Arab Emirates Paves the Way for Cryptocurrency Adoption in the Middle East

The United Arab Emirates is turning to cryptocurrencies in a bid to remain competitive. Authorities are poised to issue crypto licenses to attract big names to the region. The Securities and Commodities Authority is close to changing the legislation that allows exchanges to operate there.

Bloomberg says the policy could transform the Emirates into a financial center rivaling Singapore and Hong Kong.

“A nationwide licensing system for virtual asset companies could help the UAE better compete with rival financial centers like Singapore and Hong Kong, which are also in the midst of creating fully regulated environments for the cryptocurrency trading.

Although some of the country’s financial free zones have already issued equivalent permits, a national policy indicates the intention of the top brass.

“Dubai Multi Commodities Center has authorized 22, while Abu Dhabi Global Market has six and Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority has at least one.”

According to Chainalysis, the Middle East ranks second in global transaction volume, accounting for around 5%. In turn, the United Arab Emirates is ranked as the third largest crypto market in the Middle East, behind Turkey and Lebanon.

Source: blog.chainalysis.com

Clearly, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates have work to do before they can challenge other regions.

Nonetheless, the founders of Doge Burger aspire to drive cryptocurrency adoption by facilitating real-world use cases. They were the first investors of Dogecoin and financed the operation entirely with the proceeds of $DOGE.

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