Choosing the right project can be challenging as many crypto projects are floating around the coin market. Analysts have found a project that they believe has enough potential to generate massive profits for its investors. That project is Uwerx.

Read on as we discuss Uwerx features and highlight its price predictions along with Filecoin (FIL) and Sui (SUI). Let’s start with Filecoin (FIL).

Filecoin (FIL) Recent Developments

The latest additions of Filecoin (FIL) to its network have resulted in a slight increase in the price of the cryptocurrency. What are these innovations? First, Filecoin launched Waterlily, an AI generative art platform that uses FVM to reward artists for their images. Second, they launched the IPC subnet, which facilitates high-performance applications on FVM. And finally, they introduced FIL Covered Call Vaults, a financial product that allows FIL holders to earn extra money by selling call options on their FIL assets.

Thanks to these innovations, Filecoin has performed well in the last 24 hours. The project is trading at $4.54, an increase of 1.98% since the last 24 hours. Filecoin is ranked 31st in the coin market, with a market capitalization of $1,937,489,596.

Analysts believe that as more and more merchants seek decentralized storage, Filecoin (FIL) will hit $8.12 before Q2 2024.

Sui Weekly Yield (SUI)

The revelation that a large percentage of the circulating supply of Sui (SUI) is held by market makers (MM) has weighed on the value of Sui (SUI) over the past seven days.

Sui (SUI) has been declining for the past seven days. The project is trading at $1.02, which is a -9.3% decline over the past seven days. But Sui is up 1.41% in the last 24 hours and its market capitalization is $536,394,147.

Within the month, Sui (SUI) integrated with, Hyperspace, and FinalStardust into its network. These additions have led analysts to predict that Sui (SUI) will rise to $1.80 by Q4 2024.

Uwerx (WERX) is performing wonders

Investors and freelancers have shown their enthusiasm for the Uwerx project, which will be launched soon. This is because Uwerx has something for them. It will offer freelancers decentralization, low transaction fees (1%), transparent pricing, fast payouts, and more. For investors, Uwerx will offer them the opportunity to earn massive profits with very low investments.

These deals are the reason why merchants are rushing to buy Uwerx in its ongoing pre-sale. The project sold out faster than the merchants and even the developers at Uwerx anticipated.

The agile methodology approach of its developers led to this successful pre-sale. The method was to reveal the Uwerx in stages and make improvements where necessary.

Uwerx is in its fifth stage of pre-sale, with 72.5 million tokens available at $0.05245 per token. More than 12 million tokens have already been sold, signaling another quick sale.

Uwerx’s earlier pre-sale stages sold out faster than anticipated, prompting the Uwerx team to make some changes to the project. They raised the pre-sale token allocation to 57% (427.5 million tokens). They also reduced the founding team token allocation to 7%, increasing the launch price to $0.095 – $0.115.

The project takes funds from its investors seriously, so they have made the necessary arrangements. They had Uwerx audited by SolidProof and the InterFi Network before pre-sale began. They have also decided to relinquish ownership of the project’s smart contract once it is listed on centralized exchanges.

Furthermore, they planned to place a 25-year liquidity lock on developer tokens after the pre-sale. But after a poll in which 82.5% of the community voted for the lock to start immediately, the team decided to lock the tokens next week.

The team ran another poll asking the community if they wanted a test airdrop. The results showed that 92.8% of the respondents were in favor of the airdrop test. The airdrop will allow users to confirm that they entered their wallet addresses correctly.

In recent news, the alpha version of Uwerx has been released with its home page, registration page, login page, and forgot password page. You also have the Freelancer or Client home page, My Activity page, Hiring Dashboard page, Job Creation Process page, Job Creation Starter Step, and Talent Search Starter Step pages.

They will also be transitioning to Beta soon so that users can start testing the platform. Uwerx has also set up a dedicated email, [email protected]so that users can send feedback on the platform.

Uwerx recently introduced Uwerx Vault, a feature that allows users to store their tokens for as long as they prefer. Users can also earn rewards for using the vault.

With the gig economy expected to be valued at $455 billion this year, according to Velocity Global, analysts are predicting that Uwerx will surpass $2.5 in Q4 2023.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of this bonus and join the presale by clicking the links below:

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