The crypto space has managed to recover from recent losses somewhat as Bitcoin price maintains its trend alongside $40,000. And therefore, Ethereum is also not leaving any stones unturned to reach the $3000 levels as soon as possible. ETH price may eventually break above $3000 but sadly it may not hold effectively. Since the broader time frame forecast is currently quite bearish, pointing towards a drastic drop.

Without a doubt, the price was preparing since a couple of days to go higher and solidify the uptrend for a long time. However, the asset struggled to enter the key zones and therefore, with a notable reduction in buying volume, it is quite uncertain at the moment. However, once the price seals the $2800 levels, it can be extremely easy for the asset to break above $3000. But the trade setup manifests a diverse trend showing a huge bearish pit awaits ahead.

Story to update!

This post Ethereum weekly trend shows a scary result, ETH price may go back to $2000 soon!

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