ETH sees demand from whales and private investors, but in low volumes. ETH TVL in Ethereum 2.0 rises to new ATH.

The next major upgrade of the Ethereum network called Shanghai is less than a month away. Major network upgrades usually attract investor interest a few days before the actual event date. Now the question is: will the same scenario play out for ETH?

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Recent data shows that ETH is experiencing remarkable demand, especially from retail investors. There are currently over 23.3 million addresses with at least 0.01 ETH and those addresses are currently at an 8-month high.

This confirms that retail buyers have been bulking up, perhaps in anticipation of some upside as the Shanghai countdown shortens.

But how does this align with the demand from the whales or institutional buyers? A quick look at the status of addresses with over 1,000 and over 10,000 ETH reveals that they have added to their balances in the last seven days. This confirms that larger addresses or whales also collected the king alt.

Source: Glassnode

It also looks favorable for Ethereum on the DeFi front. The network’s TVL data showed that the total value locked in ETH 2.0 deposit contracts has increased. It recently reached a new all-time high (ATH) of 17.06 million ETH. It confirms that Ethereum 2.0 is still on a healthy growth trajectory.

So if the whale and retail buying segments, why isn’t the price of ETH experiencing a massive rally?

Exchange flows can give a reasonable answer. The volume of ETH flowing in and out of exchanges has dropped significantly over the past seven days. It implies that prevailing volumes are weaker, thus a smaller impact on price action.

Source: Glassnode

However, the latest Glassnode readings showed that the outflow volume of the ETH exchange was almost double the inflow volume of the exchange.

These flows were responsible for limiting ETH’s downtrend on Saturday (March 25) and rising 3.6% over the past 24 hours to the price of $1778 at the time of writing.

Source: TradingView

How much are 1,10,100 ETHs worth today?

While ETH is currently showing some positive signs, investors should note that volumes are still low. The cryptocurrency has been stuck in a saturated performance for the past few days. Capitulation is still a likely outcome that could lead to a resurgence of selling pressure in the coming days.

Investors should be on the lookout for demand for ETH to continue to pick up in the coming days. This would provide insight into what to expect.

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