In a tweet published in 2016, Brantley Millegan, now the former COO and DAO administrator of the ENS DAO, expressed controversial views on the issues of LGBTQ people, transgenderism, abortion, and more.

Millegan, a member of the Catholic faith, and whose Twitter bio reads “Catholic, Husband, Father,” has shown no regrets regarding the resurfaced tweet from five years ago, a position that has upset many within the Name Service. Ethereum (ENS). ) community and beyond.

The original tweet from Brantly Millegan.

Disappointed community members

One of the community members, Marcus Martínez, express at IS The DAO discussed its disappointment with Millegan’s continued strong position on the matter:

“Brantly.eth had a chance to redeem itself in the public Twitter address last night. Instead, he chose to double down on his caustic rhetoric. I believe this is an abuse of power as a community administrator and does not represent the views, beliefs and values ​​of the ENS community. […] If he remains in his position, he would jeopardize the Community’s mission of inclusion and tarnish the reputation of the organization as a whole.”

millegans positions on religions.

Shortly after, the ENS support lead, “validator.eth” announced in the same forum thread that Millegan had been removed from the role of Community Steward. On Sunday, ENS DAO community delegates voted to remove Millegan from office with a large majority voting in favor, although some delegates warned of the dangers of ‘Cancel Culture’ and the irony of a decentralized service centralized around the voice of a single person.

“After listening carefully to the concerns of delegates, delegates, and many other members of the community, I believe it is in the best interest of ENS and the community to remove Brantly from his role as community delegate. […] I firmly believe that web3 and the Ethereum community are a space for inclusion, kindness, and respect, and I hope that we can all move forward together with these shared values.”

Millegans’ position with TNL “no longer tenable”

A few hours later, Nick Johnson, lead developer of ENS, Announced Millegan’s removal from the position of Chief Operating Officer at True Names Limited (TNL), the UK-based not-for-profit organization that funds and organizes the development of ENS.

“True Names Limited (TNL), the non-profit organization that funds and organizes development at @ensdomains, has terminated Brantly Millegan’s contract effective today. Brantly has been a valued member of the TNL team for the past three years. However, as a team, we feel that his position at TNL is no longer tenable.”

“Many of you have been hurt by Brantly’s comments over the last 24 hours, and we strongly believe that ENS should be an inclusive community. Going forward, we will continue to do everything we can to make sure it stays that way.” saying in a tweet.

According to Johnson’s announcement, Millegan will remain director of the IS Foundation, the real-world entity that represents the DAO. Johnson recommends that Millegan remain in that position until the ENS DAO nominates and votes for a replacement.

“Dominant Traditional Christian Positions”

For a while, Millegans Twitter bill it appeared to have been suspended but the account was back up and running at the time of writing, however the original tweet was deleted.

While many people have strongly criticized Millegan for his opinion, although some have also shown their support for Millegan, Millegan himself does not seem to regret the tweet of more than five years. in a mail On Discord, he reaffirmed his beliefs and said he is open to working with and being friends with a wide range of people. He also said traditionally minded Christians, Muslims and Jews should not be excluded from Web 3.

Adam Cochran, a cryptanalyst and general partner at Cinneamhain Ventures, tried to hit Millegan with the Bible:

Millegan replied that his position “is the main traditional Christian positions” and anything but marginal.

“Hey, I’m not really interested in debating theology right now, but I think it’s the main traditional Christian positions that the world’s largest religion holds. it’s not exactly marginal,” responds Millegan.

On the market side, the ENS token took a bit of a hit over the weekend, but it is impossible to say whether this move is due to the Millegan affair or just general market movements. On Monday, the ENS token was up slightly 2.3% on the week, trading at $20.5.

The ENS service maps hard-to-remember crypto wallet addresses to human-readable names, such as cryptoslate.eth. ENS names are themselves NFT tokens and can be traded on open markets.

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