Twitter CEO Elon Musk will officially change Twitter’s name to X Corp next month. and is working on making X – The Everything App. Court filings on April 4 and April 10 showed that Twitter has merged with X Corp. and no longer exists.

Twitter sent official statements and emails to business partners, shareholders and related parties revealing that Twitter Inc. has been renamed to X Corp. In addition, contracts, billing and other data will now be forwarded to X Corp, except for the tax number.

There is no change in control or management, but a change of company name related to the acquisition of Twitter by parent company X Holding Corp. However, the social media service will “continue to be known as Twitter”.

According to new terms and policiesElon Musk officially turns Twitter into X Corp on May 18. The Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Data Processing Agreement will be updated to reflect the name change.

The recent lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Florida’s Southern District, Miami Division, revealed that X Corp. is based in Nevada instead of Delaware.

Elon Musk had planned to turn Twitter into an “everything app” since April 2022, similar to China’s WeChat. Twitter is already introducing payments on the platform, with fiat currencies as the first preference. However, he has suggested integrating Dogecoin into the platform.

Dogecoin price amid Twitter name change to X Corp

Dogecoin price is up 15% in a week amid strong upside momentum. Dogecoin fan Elon Musk recently changed the Twitter logo to Dogecoin, sparking speculation about DOGE support on the platform for payments. DOGE’s price shot up 25% after the Twitter logo change.

The DOGE price is currently trading at $0.0933, up 2% in the last 24 hours. The 24-hour low and high are at $0.0919 and $0.0944, respectively.

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