The post-apocalyptic city of The Machines has become the center of activity for Play2Earn. After a sold-out IDO, Animoca Brands-backed Drunk Robots has teamed up with Infinity Force and 3 major guilds – just revamped their in-game economy after a sold-out IDO, upping the rewards and making it even more easy to enter the game.

Drink, fight, win

After ‘play to win’ and ‘move to win’, is it time to ‘drink and fight to win’? At least that’s what the robots of The Machines do all day: consume large amounts of beer and then fight each other.

Despite this violent premise, Drunk Robots is outrageously fun and extremely well designed. In fact, the robots look so good that the original collection of 10,101 characters was immediately sold out on Liquidifty and Binance NFT. You can currently buy robots in closed containers on the Liquidifty marketplace.

While you need a robot to fight in the arena or collect $METAL, there are several mini-games that you can play 100% free, like Knockout, where you have to shoot other robots before they shoot you.

The project has 23,000 Discord members, more than 64,000 Twitter followers and 39,000 Telegram channel subscribers, for a total of 126,000 users in the community. Few P2E games can boast such a huge following just a few weeks after IDO.

Drunk Robots Presents $5,000,000 METAL Prize Pool for Arena Qualifier

Drunk Robots’ Play2Earn element is also well thought out. Players earn prizes for participating in battles, and then get even more if they manage to reach the top of the leaderboard at the end of the season. This creates a strong incentive to compete in the Arena every day.

On May 4, the team announced big changes to the game’s economy ahead of the second season, which begins on May 6.

First of all, the seasonal prize pool for PvP (player versus player) battles is increased to 5 million $METAL tokens. A single robot can earn a player around $3840 METAL per month.

The creators also updated the prices of containers with robots, equipment, and energy drinks (a special energy drink that robots need after a fight).

Starting in the second half of the season, players will need to participate in at least 5 battles every 24 hours to keep farming $METAL, or face a drop in farming speed.

4 big game projects already collaborate with Drunk Robots

Drunk Robots has also been expanding its list of partnerships, adding three major gaming guild projects in just a few weeks:

Yield Guild Games SEA (YGG SEA, $SEA): the Southeast Asian branch of YGG, uniting 30,000 scholars in 18 countries; Avocado DAO ($AVG): A community of 11,000 academics who play games like Axie Infinity and Revv Racing; Skill Guilds – Providers of an advanced guild admin control panel and guild creation SDK.

The latest partner to be announced is Infinity Force ($YNFF), a platform that connects players, guilds, and games.

These collaborations follow a strategic partnership with Merit Circle, perhaps the most influential DAO in the blockchain gaming industry.

In addition to these gaming partners, Drunk Robots has an exceptionally strong list of sponsors among venture firms, including Animoca Brands, Shima Capital, Moonrock Capital, and DEX Ventures, as well as,, and Oracles Investment Group.

$METAL IDO sold out on 3 launch pads

Amidst all this partnership building, Drunk Robots also did a very successful IDO for its $METAL token. On April 7th, three launch platforms, Liquidifty, TrustPad and GameFi, together sold 25,000,000 $METAL at $0.01 each, raising $250,000. Once $METAL was included in PancakeSwap and, the price rose 300% above the price of IDO to hit $0.43.

$METAL has many uses in the Drunk Robots economy:

bounty payments and harvesting (agriculture); level up robots and their equipment; drunken racing (yes, it’s a completely legitimate activity for robots); recast opponents in PvP battles and much more.

Drunk Robots’ roadmap for the coming months includes more detailed visualizations in the PvP arena; gangs and clans; virtual land farming, and more. To get your first robot and start earning $METAL, visit

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