Dfyn, a multi-chain decentralized exchange, has launched Request for Quotation (RFQ) requests on its platform.

RFQ’s new pricing model is the latest in the exchange’s push to introduce a new set of investment products, including options, futures and perpetuals.

The company will collaborate with various market makers to create optimized on-chain products for liquidity providers. These products will be created with request for quote orders to provide users with the best quotes in the market.

Dfyn currently allows its users to make instant transactions without gas on multiple blockchains.

With the addition of RFQ orders, users will gain access to better prices, particularly for medium and high volume transactions. As RFQ orders work similarly to OTC trades, users will also be able to execute large trades without slippage. The new RFQ model requires no idle capital for market makers, allowing them to offer better prices while keeping fees low.

Execution of all RFQ orders will occur on-chain, maintaining the security and anonymity of a decentralized system while offering prices similar to centralized exchanges.

Finally, Dfyn’s RFQ model comes with no maximum extractable value (MEV) risk, which means that no third party can collate their trades between the market maker and the user.

In the coming months, the exchange is also set to launch on-chain and concentrated liquidity limit orders. Dfyn said this will help it expand its product suite and become a more capital efficient platform.

“The launch It brings us one step closer to achieving our goal of making the DeFi trading experience as intuitive and refined as forex and stock markets. To onboard the next group of users, we need to offer convenience and a seamless trading experience. Combining all investment-related activities on one platform will significantly increase user adaptability,” Ramani Ramachandran, CEO of Dfyn, told CryptoSlate.

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