July 6, 2023
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We are happy to announce that Kraken is now compatible with Aventus (AVT)!


The financing is live. You can add AVT to your Kraken account by navigating to Funding, selecting the asset and hitting Deposit. Please note that the exchange of AVT tokens is not supported.

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AVT is available for funding on Kraken and Kraken Pro with the following parameters:


Not available in the United States and Canada Customers who contributed to the Aventus Parachain Auction on Kraken will automatically receive AVT rewards in their Kraken account.

Here’s what you should know about tokens:

Aventus (AVT) is a parachain on Polkadot that also functions as a customizable Layer 2 network for the Ethereum blockchain. The Aventus network can be used by Ethereum-based decentralized applications to increase interoperability and scalability, as well as stabilize transaction costs. AVT is the native token of the network that can be used as a governance token to vote on the future direction of the protocol, pay for transactions on the network, and earn rewards for helping protect the network through staking.

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Will Kraken make more assets available?

Yeah! But our policy is to never reveal any details until shortly before launch, including the assets we’re considering. All available Kraken tokens can be found here, and all future tokens will be announced on the Kraken blog and social media profiles. Our customer engagement specialists cannot answer any questions about what assets we may make available in the future.

Operate with caution

There is no guarantee that a limit order will be executed. There is also no guarantee that a market order will be executed at a certain price. The availability and liquidity of the particular digital asset will affect these types of orders.

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