DefiLllama, a decentralized financial data site, is vying for leadership as a single team member has attempted to launch a token without broader approval.

There are now two “llama” sites

DefiLlama originally launched around October 2020 on Now, an almost identical site has been launched at

0xngmi, a member of the DefiLlama project, said in March, 19 that the majority of the team launched the second site due to a “hostile takeover.” He explained that there is an “ongoing attempt” to launch a crypto token without team approval.

Another member, Tendeeno, said that 0xngmi’s statements were legitimate. He more suggested that only one person, 0xCall4, is trying to cast the token.

Tendeeno acknowledged that 0xLlam4 created DefiLlama but said that 0xngmi became responsible for development after joining the team. He also claimed that 0xngmi is responsible for salaries, leads the team, and is the legal majority owner of DefiLlama.

0xLlam4 reportedly intends to launch a token against the team’s wishes due to a lack of revenue from the site. Because 0xLlam4 controls DefiLlama’s website and Twitter account, other group members cannot directly prevent this outcome.

0xCall4 has made few public statements, and it is unclear if or when it intends to release the alleged crypto token. His Twitter profile is currently private and there doesn’t appear to be any means of contacting the developer.

Which site will survive?

Currently, both sites provide the same main tool ⁠: a leaderboard that lists various DeFi projects and shows the total amount of crypto locked in those projects. CryptoSlate has used the site’s data in many recent reports on topics such as liquid staking, stablecoin layer 2 inflows, Cardano’s DeFi network, and Huobi exchange outflows.

While appears to have the backing of most of the team, it is unclear whether the site will be able to attract users as has been in business for more than two years.

The two sites can be reunited if the two parties reach an agreement.

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