For the fourth session in a row, Decentraland has appeared and seen an increase of almost 2%. Furthermore, the fourth day of MANA exhibited a price surge trading above $1.

Metaverse has gained momentum, especially since Facebook was revamped to Meta. Before that, Decentraland has always been extremely popular, especially for those who are in the virtual world but got tired of child games.

The popularity of Decentraland MANA

Basically, Decentraland was aimed at teens and adults looking to socialize, build, and earn with virtual land. All land and virtual assets seen on Decentraland can be purchased with the MANA token.

Virtual real estate has also been in high demand and MANA has been constantly shaping its virtual environment to deliver sophisticated and impressive user experiences where they are in complete control of their own virtual worlds.

Decentraland has become immensely popular and powerful as many giant companies like Samsung, Adidas, and Atari have also purchased their virtual real estate directly from Decentraland.

Additionally, Decentraland has also partnered with and secured financing from companies such as Genesis One Capital, George Burke, Boost VC, Animoca Brand; and the like.

However, despite partnerships and support from many popular brands, MANA still suffered some low blows in recent months as it dropped as much as 70%, but was able to recover 12% in July.

decentralized and bullish; Goals $1.5

Looking at the daily chart, there is a good chance that the price surge that MANA is experiencing will continue over the next few trading sessions. Furthermore, it shows a long-term uptrend. In fact, Decentraland’s price target is $1.5 below.

Judging from the Williams Alligator trend, it shows a retracement to the upside, which means that MANA will move into August with a bullish move. However, that analysis may be refuted if the price falls below $0.84, indicating a bullish view.

Decentraland has been looking bullish since Friday. Currently, the token is down 6.31% at its five-day high and is up 13.87% compared to its five-day low which was recorded at $0.8460.

Currently, MANA price is split in the middle of the support and resistance zone, with resistance found at $0.9997 and support zone set at $0.9359.

Additionally, Decentraland has been trading on low volumes recently, indicating that today’s trading volume is much lower than the coin’s average volume seen last week.

MANA Total Market Cap at $1.91 Billion on Weekend Chart | Source: VOI Featured Image, Chart

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